Mzungus go to the Mountain in Mbarara

by Mikolaj Grelewicz   Since our village is located in an absolutely stunning mountainous region near Mbarara town, Amanda, Corina and I were compelled to climb up one of the surrounding mountains.   To make our trip even more interesting and, more importantly, to avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere, we decided to invite some locals and students to join our trip. Amanda’s beautiful advertisement –“Mzungus Going to the Mountain” – 20kg jackfruit and […]

Central Pot Projects at Machongo PAG

Last year’s Project Workers did a great job of improving water availability and storage throughout the school. This year’s funding allowed us to build on this and optimize the use of the existing facilities to provide more clean water and and more accessible water facilities, as well as converting the laboratory into a workable, inspiring and importantly sustainable landmark that the students could use as much as they wished.

Introducing your new Management Committee members …

We are excited to announce that three new people have joined EPAfrica’s fantastic Management Committee that are responsible for the day to day running of the charity. They are Bobby Sachdev, Beth Fiddes and Matt Purtil. Stepping down from the committee are Lucien Georgeson, Leila Jameel and Kate Summers, thank you for all of your hard work over the last two years! Bobby Sachdev – UK Operations Manager I joined EPAfrica as a project worker in summer […]

Introducing EPAfrica’s Board of Advisors …

The literature is pretty conclusive when reviewing the benefits of an organisation receiving external support from advisors. The risks and challenges we, EPAfrica, face as an organisation are many – political, financial, medical and legal. The environments in which we work, both within the UK and East Africa, present challenges which our Board of Trustees and Management Committee (MC) must keep on top of. Risk management should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.  “A board of advisors is vital to your business. […]

Luke Picknett taking over from Steve Grycuk as Chairman of the Board

Steve Grycuk will be stepping down as Chairman of the Board of Trustees from April this year. Having recently relocated to the US for his new role as Director of Transformation for Dow Jones, Steve has taken this very difficult decision, after over ten years of commitment and dedication to the charity. Having been a Project Worker in 2004, Steve has been a pivotal influence on the development and growth of our organisation, from a […]

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water Projects at Eronge

At Eronge, Project Workers purchased, amongst other things, a new 5,000 litre water tank. This allowed an existing 2,300 litre tank to be transferred to the chemistry laboratory, meaning that the school is now the proud owner of a functioning lab complete with water, gas and furniture. The new tank will also have a huge impact on the male boarders, who will now have more time to study, as they won’t have to go to the river to collect water.

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water and Electricity in Nyamakorobo

Over the past few years, EPAfrica has incorporated a new source of funding into its summer project: the central pot. It’s called the central pot because, unlike the funding that Project Workers invest in their schools, it is fundraised and managed by the central charity. In the past, it has come from grants to EPAfrica, as well as regular donations from our alumni. Central pots are allocated to a specific purpose, and Project Workers get […]

Planning the Year Ahead – We’re All Ears!

The EPAfrica Launch Party was a fun celebration of amazing summer achievements, but let’s not forget it was also the culmination of a lot of activity taking place straight after the summer. At EPAfrica we put our volunteers at the very heart of what we do and we are always listening! Let’s find out how … Feedback from the SummerTo capture feedback and new ideas, our Project Workers, Project Researchers and the Summer Team get […]

Meet your Management Committee and Board of Trustees for 2014 – 2015!

The Board of Trustees Steve Grycuk is the Chair of The Board of Trustees. He works across the charity to ultimately direct, shape and lead the work that we do. Steve is a Transformation Director, working with media clients across the world and he currently splits his time between New York, Hong Kong and London (and East Africa!). Outside of work Steve is a PADI-certified open water diver, and enjoys skiing very badly. Anna Spinks is Co-Director of Program for […]