Jenny Jones

About Jenny Jones

Jenny has been involved with EPAfrica since 2009, when she was a project worker. She went back to Kenya many times, as coordinator in 2010 and 2013, and Project Manager in 2012. She then worked on our Goals training, and joined the Management Committee, in charge of the UK Program in 2011. She recently became a member of the EPAfrica Board.

From Kabul to Kenya: A Change is as Good as a Break

Karibu Kenya “Every Ten Minutes”; said the sign outside Jomo Kenyatta Nairobi Airport, promising a shuttle bus between terminals with – under any standards – impressive frequency.  I began to wait in the pleasant dusky warmth, perched on the edge of the pavement. A group of Kenyan ladies strolled past, their wheely-suitcases fitted firmly on their heads. “Karibu Kenya”, they announced. It had been a long journey from the dusty heat of Kabul, where I […]

EPAfrica: A gateway to my career

Here’s an interesting fact for you, 91% of our alumni include volunteering for EPAfrica on their CV. That is an incredibly high percentage, especially as so many of our alumni have a whole host of experiences to choose from. Of course, I have always known that EPAfrica offers its volunteers what recruiters love and call ‘transferable skills’, but what exactly are those skills and is it more than just a tick on a CV box? Certainly for me, my […]

Week 3 and 4 Kisii update!

With the PWs back from a lovely weekend relaxing in the tea-growing hills of Kericho, it was time for Week Three in the schools in Kisii – the week wherein the Project Workers start their buying, start their implementation, and really use all the information that they’ve absorbed about the school to make firm plans about their budget and what to spend their money on. Having had lots of meetings with teachers, head teachers, students […]

Week 1 and 2 in Kisii Update!

The Project Workers have now been in their schools for two weeks, having waved goodbye to us at the Headteachers Conference on the 6th July and headed off for their villages – and what an action-packed two weeks its been!Having settled in with their various host families or at their accommodation over the first weekend, many of them attending a very long and loud Church service in the village on the first Sunday, the PWs […]

Pre-summer and training week update from Kisii!

We are pleased to report back on a fantastic start to the KEP Summer 2012 Project in Kisii! The Pre Summer Team of Molly, Chain and Bobby worked extremely hard to get prepared for the 21 project workers to arrive in the first week – they were given a lot of help by our great KEP friends in the town – Eliud, Saif, Geoff, Dan, and of course Castan. They had secured and tidied a […]