Partick Hearn

About Partick Hearn

Patrick first went out to Kenya as a Project Worker in 2012, working with a school in Kakamega. In addition to volunteering on the London University Committee and in the Central Charity, he has also returned to East Africa several times, first as coordinator in 2013, and then as Project Manager in 2014. Having spent a year working at Teach First HQ, he then completed their Primary training programme, and is now a teacher in London.

Teaching and learning, can we influence what happens in the classroom, and should we?

‘Don’t teach, invest.’ – This was one of the slogans I remember when making the decision to apply to EPAfrica (KEP back then). The rationale makes sense: for us teaching is unsustainable and counterproductive. University students from the UK are simply not qualified to teach, especially in an alien education system where there is a surplus of more-able, qualified teachers. However the result of this alternate focus on resource investment  perhaps meant that we are […]

The EPAfrica Summer Team: Why I keep coming back for more …

By Patrick Hearn Over Christmas and New Year I was thinking about my favourite part of 2014. Undoubtedly, it was the time I spent re-discovering Kakamega, Kenya for the third time in as many years.The decision to return to East Africa again was not an easy one, and there were a number of reasons that made it problematic: the costs involved, the chance to do an internship, my mum telling me that I was trying to avoid her, […]

Reflections on the last 9 weeks in Kakamega

As we enter the final week of our 2014 summer project, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the achievements of our project workers and the work they’ve done in their schools. In the past 9 weeks, project workers across all three of our sites in Kenya and Uganda have delivered an investment project tailored to the specific needs of the school they’ve been partnered with.What does this mean in practical terms? For […]

The EPAfrica Summer starts here!

Earlier this week 35 excited Project Workers and 3 Project Researchers, along with members of the Summer Team, were ready to board their flights out to East Africa. After almost a year of fundraising, training and growing anticipation, EPAfrica’s ‘class of 2014’ were about to embark on a 10-week adventure that will transform not only their own lives, but the lives of young people living in the rural outskirts of Western Kenya and Uganda. How […]