Central Pots

Solar Energy: A sunny solution to boarding school blackouts

Context Anyone who has spent any time in Kenya knows that power cuts are frequent and disruptive. The effects of  these outages are particularly dire in boarding schools, where students are plunged into darkness every time there is a power cut, severely inhibiting their ability to revise or do their homework outside of daylight hours (7am to 7pm). The cuts are unpredictable and can last several hours or even days. Electricity bills in the secondary schools […]

Kakamega Period Party – by Jamie Southall

The context On the 14th of August, Kakamega Central House saw its first ever Period Party. I had been researching cheaper and more sustainable alternatives to the poorly supplied sanitary pad system our school uses, and became interested in menstrual cups as a possible solution. After making some enquiries, I found that many  companies could potentially supply a large number for free or at a discounted rate.   After myself and other Project Workers presented […]

Ematiha Water Project 2016

Rosie Bishop and Robbie Mallett One of the first things we noticed after arriving eight weeks ago at our school was that whenever the students needed water they would undertake the 20-minute round trip to the local borehole to fill twenty litre containers. This was mostly done by the girls who then carried the considerable weight over uneven ground back to the school. The school had two large water tanks on site, neither of which […]

Innovating Enjinja!

My name is Lydia Dean and I am a Project Worker with Caroline Zhu at Ejinja Mixed Day Secondary School. We received £170 from the ‘Innovation Central Pot’ for a computerised administration programme, and £370 from the ‘Water Central Pot’ for the installation of a 10,000L plastic water tank. I thought I would write about the admin programme, since this is something that has never been seen at an EPAfrica school before! In our assessment […]

A week at Marongo PAG, Kisii, Kenya

So here we are, having made it to holiday week and a well deserved break after what has been perhaps the busiest and most stressful week for all PW’s across the three sites. We, the dynamic duo of Jordan and Sabina (or for the purpose of this blog, Jorbina) are going to update you on our experiences of our fifth week in Marongo PAG Secondary School, Kisii. With all central pot funding received, week 5 […]

Announcing the Innovation Seed Fund

This year EPAfrica will be investing over £1000 of funds in seven innovative project ideas in our partners school, as part of a new initiative to continuously improve and develop our programmeEPAfrica invests funds, time and energy into our school partnerships. We send our Project Workers (PWs) to live and work in our partner schools in order that they can develop the contextual understanding and strong relationships that will enable their time, money and ideas […]

First Week Training in Mbarara

After arriving on the long flight from Heathrow, and finally entering Uganda through a very long passport control, the project workers began to make their way to Mbarara, our base and location of the central house in Uganda. The next morning, week zero training began. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday consisted of a variety of group activities to prepare PWs for going into their schools the week after. This first week provided further information, building on […]

EPAfrica’s 2015 Central Pot Projects

Distributing central pot funding was particularly challenging this year. First, we prioritised viable projects that offered a complete solution to the water or electricity issue at hand. We felt that these were higher impact and better value for money than projects that would only provide a partial fix. Similarly, projects that offered ‘transformational change’ in the way a school uses water or electricity were rated highly. Beyond this, we assessed each school’s current situation carefully […]

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water and Electricity in Nyamakorobo

Over the past few years, EPAfrica has incorporated a new source of funding into its summer project: the central pot. It’s called the central pot because, unlike the funding that Project Workers invest in their schools, it is fundraised and managed by the central charity. In the past, it has come from grants to EPAfrica, as well as regular donations from our alumni. Central pots are allocated to a specific purpose, and Project Workers get […]