Member of the Board of Directors

The Chief Operating Officer sits in EPAfrica’s Board of Directors, who lead and manage the charity’s operations day to day. Director roles are some of the most challenging and rewarding in the charity, they are a fantastic opportunity to leave your mark on the organisation.

As a member of the Board of Directors your primary responsibility is to drive forward EPAfrica’s operations, in line with the charity’s strategy. You will have a team of managers within your purview whose delivery against charity objectives you will need to set, monitor, and support. This includes organising regular Committee meetings, ad hoc task sessions and one-to-one supervision.

The Role of Directors withing EPAfrica

The Board of Directors collectively share a number of responsibilities

Chair of the Business Ops Committee

Each Director chairs a committee, made up of Managers, Officers and Associates. We have redesigned EPAfrica’s structure around 4 committees in order to enable collective ownership of delivery responsibilities, allowing for more flexible and rewarding volunteer opportunities. The purpose of the new committee structure is to enable more collaborative working between volunteers working in related areas, to enable closer working between members of university societies and other volunteers, and to allow a greater degree of ownership, autonomy and responsibility to be given to teams of volunteers.

As Chief Operating Officer, you will be responsible for leading the Business Ops Committee and establishing its working norms. >>Read more about the Business Ops Committee>>

Business Ops Committee members

(who you would manage)

Portfolio of Responsibilities

Unlike other areas, Business Operations is primarily an enabler to other EPAfrica delivery objectives; as such, the BoD Chief Operating Officer would not need to have a detailed understanding of these different fields. Rather, they will need to be a good leader, empowering and enabling those within the committee to deliver to a high standard. Although we are a volunteer-run charity, we do proud ourselves of using professional and quite sophisticated tools. A proactive can-do attitude is a must, as you will be researching, facilitating and implementing new systems that can enable the charity to work more effectively. 

Creating opportunites for young people in the UK

Owning and progressing EPAfrica’s personal development framework, and supporting Committee’s to recruit volunteers and utilise their associate pools effectively.


Progression and deployment of people already or recently engaged in volunteering with EPAfrica (Central charity recruitment)

Defining roles and pushing out recruitment campaigns and interviewing and accepting/rejecting candidates

Maintain volunteer database

Creating an EPAfrica competency framework

Enhancing EPAfrica’s Reputation

Ensuring that public-facing materials are on-brand and on-message. Ensuring the quality and consistency of recruitment material and external reports.


Brand management – managing EPAfrica’s external face

Co-design a clear structured communications plan with external and internal audiences

Coordinating the creation of content

Monitor and review communications

Ensure deadlines are met in communications plan

Managing the IT requirements of communications (mailchimp, google, etc)

Communicating with Schools

Communicating with key stakeholders in East Africa and publishing the EPAfrica School’s Bulletin, and tracking interactions with schools and NGOs.

Overseeing EPAfrica’s official means of communication, to Facilitate communication channels within EPAfrica and with our partners, consisting of:

Internal communications

Targeted email newsletters

Google sites and Workplace

External communications

Brand ownership and content sign-off

Website content and social media

Promotional/marketing materials (joint with recruitment)

News and feature articles

Robust and Transparent Finances

Producing EPAfrica’s accounts, developing and overseeing robust processes and ensuring compliance with the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Compliance and transparency

Ensure financial processes and operations are legally and policy compliant

Enabling and ensuring financial transparency

Financial control and Budgeting

Maintaining financial control over income and expenditure

Ensuring discrepancies are accounted for

Leading and managing the budget

Providing information for finance decision making and sign off on key financial decisions

Managing Policy and Projects

Championing project management best-practice across EPAfrica and acting as the custodian of policies such as Data Protection, Fundraising and Child Protection.


Coordinate the review, update and production of policy documents

Ensure operations and processes across the charity are policy compliant

Ensure policy is up to date with current legislation


Enable leadership and management of projects across the charity

Ensure best practice in project reporting and delivery

Maintain overview of projects, ensuring risks are flagged

Organising and sharing info

Maintaining and developing IT facilities and volunteers’ skills to enable us to store, grow and utilise our organisation knowledge.

Knowledge management

Support volunteers in EPAfrica to manage, access and store information well

Ensure data protection is embedded in all processes of the charity


Store summer hardware and ensuring it is appropriate and functioning

Software, including: google administration; managing the IT requirements of websites (WordPress and Google Sites); managing Google Drive and Salesforce

Research and identify opportunities for use of IT to support greater efficiency in how the charity operates in the UK and East Africa

Person Specification

We are looking to recruit someone with the following skills and experience:


Excellent project management skills – you need to juggle many different work streams all operating to different timescales

Strong communication skills – much of this role can be done remotely but you need to be able to articulate and motivate well over video-chat/email/phone

Teamwork – you need to be able to work well with others as part of the Board of Directors and Business Operations Committee

Ability to identify new opportunities for improving Business Operations and new ideas and willingness to follow up on their implementation

Ability to identify areas where greater coordination is required between the Business Ops Committee and other areas and facilitate communication to enable this to happen

Attention to detail to ensure scrutiny and oversight of the key policies of the charity


Working knowledge of EPAfrica IT and Knowledge Management Systems (MailChimp, Google Apps, WordPress, Salesforce)

Awareness of accounting procedures or financial management

Experience in leading volunteers