Director of Logistics and Delivery

Director of Logistics and Delivery

Role description

Committee members (who you would manage)

  • Summer lead
  • Research lead
  • M&E lead

Logistics & Delivery Committee Deliverables

Summer operations:
  • Book flights
  • Arrange central houses in all sites
  • Organise summer team – ensure coverage of all sites
  • Manage documentation
  • Prepare summer plan
  • SS&P – communicate with schools, set strategy
  • Communications with key stakeholders in East Africa
  • Manage UK admin and emergency coverage
  • Manage risk logging
Monitoring and Evaluation:
  • Ensure that M&E needs are covered by all deliverables
  • Further develop & implement M&E strategy
  • Ensure deliverables (project planners etc) are completed and collected
  • Collate data, store and analyse data for reporting purposes – prepare data for debriefs, annual report and reports for donors
  • Provide training materials on M&E for ST and PWs
  • Prepare materials for HT conference and debrief and mid-summer meeting
  • Develop/manage research priorities and ensure these are aligned with M&E needs
  • Ensure existing research is available for use in strategy development
  • Manage ongoing desk-based research activities (e.g. monitoring changes in countries)
  • Recruit researchers (working with recruitment)
  • Develop research questions/support researchers
  • Ensure research meets ethics standards
  • Researcher logistics (overlap with PW/ST logistics)
  • Collate findings from researchers and publish where appropriate
  • Own and lead ethics committee
  • Own NGO relationships strategy (informed by research where necessary), provide training materials on NGO relationships, and keep NGO database up-to-date
  • Guide Summer Team on what NGO relationships need maintaining
Central programme (inc central pots)
  • Develop/update strategy for central pots based on previous years and needs for Vision 2020.
  • Develop cross-school programme strategy
  • Set central pot budget and intent, along with documentation and process for application review
  • Provide materials for central pots training – work with training area
  • Prepare deliverables – work with M&E
  • Work with Fundraising Manager to ensure we can deliver the schemes/adjust strategy if insufficient funds
  • Provide ST with guidance for approving and monitoring projects
  • Collect data and prepare data for reporting to donors – work with M&E and fundraising
  • Work with Research Manager/NGO relationships Officer to ensure any work with NGOs is fit-for-purpose
PW onboarding (post-recruitment)
  • Manage PW site selection, partner selection and school selection
  • Collect key forms, deposits, passport scans and health declarations etc
  • Manage the running of DBS checks by mentors
  • Manage insurance provider and visa rules

Person Specification

We are looking to recruit someone with the following skills and experience:


  • Experience of managing others, or demonstrable awareness of the considerations involved when managing a team.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in written form.
  • The ability to think strategically, and to lead others in doing so.
  • Evidence of strong organisational skills, particularly in terms of delivering projects or activities.
  • The ability to balance priorities and deliver work under pressure.
  • The ability to foster collaboration and group working.
  • The ability to form strong working relationships, including with people external to the charity.
  • The capability and motivation to develop an understanding of monitoring, evaluation, and research techniques for the EPAfrica context.


  • Understanding and experience of monitoring and evaluation and/or research within a development context.