Summer Team

Road, radio and research: thoughts from Kampala to Iganga

In central Kampala, a huge flyover is under construction. My driver, Sam, promises its completion will ease the congestion, but for today the rush hour traffic is crawling and I’ve got plenty of time to think. It feels like lots is changing here. Passing through immigration in less than thirty minutes felt like lightning pace, with an East African visa as my golden ticket. It’s designed to encourage tourism in the region, lasts three months, […]

Lessons learned as a project coordinator

Last Thursday I completed my final school visit of the summer at St Theresa’s Bogiakumu Secondary in Kisii. My work over the past seven weeks as a project coordinator has offered a different perspective on both EPAfrica as a charity and life in Kenya. Here are my eight biggest takeaways from my stay in East Africa: 1. EPAfrica is not just committed to improving schools, but also its own model to generate sustainable change. Since […]

How does EPAfrica find partner schools?

On Thursday the 28th of July, Taru, the project manager in Kisii, took me to my first school visit to St Peter’s Keberesi Secondary School. This was my first school selection visit – I was very excited to learn more about the local secondary education and the process through which EPAfrica selects its partner schools. We left the town centre early in the morning, travelling first to Mogunga, from where we took another matatu to […]