HR Manager

HR Manager

The HR manager is responsible forthe progression and deployment of people already or recently engaged in volunteering with EPAfrica.

The HR Manager is a recent entry in our organisational chart and will have a lot of scope to define the role and its interactions with other workstreams. This role is perfect for someone who has previously worked in a volunteer management role either within EPAfrica or another organisation. However this is not a requirement for the role which is open to those who would like gain a better understanding of how the charity is structured and interact with all the committees. The role requires leading on recruitment of central charity positions as well as producing resources about EPAfrica’s policies and processes to help volunteers undertake their roles effectively. Projects for this role will include setting up a feedback process for central charity members, providing resources for line managers and induction packs for central charity members as well as setting up new processes to allow for more flexible volunteering with EPAfrica.

You will be an active member of the Business Operations Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates to assist you in the delivery of your objectives; ensuring they are supported, motivated and have opportunities for personal development. It will be the Hr Manager’s responsibility to actively plan for this, coordinating mentoring schemes, skill training, couching sessions. As EPAfrica is currently planning on recruiting individuals who are external to the charity, some external advertising of our roles and a little extra support and care will be required. Part of the role is also to stimulate a team identity informally through socials. To assess the success of our mission in providing meaningful experiences for young people in the UK, a volunteer satisfaction feedback survey should be carried out. You will have the opportunity to work across committees and to get to know lots of people within the central charity.

Key responsibilities

  • Attending the Business Operations committee montly meeting
  • Defining roles
  • Pushing out recruitment campaigns
  • Interviewing and accepting/rejecting applicants
  • Maintain volunteer database
  • Creating an EPAfrica competency framework
  • Advertising EPAfripub

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
Work with the Business Operations Manager to define the scope of the role September 2017 October 2017
Produce an induction pack for new volunteers joining the central charity TBC TBC
Work with Information and Governance Manager to ensure all central charity members have access to and relevant resources/training on Google Drive and database TBC TBC
Work with Management Committee to recruit new central charity volunteers TBC TBC
Work with the Communications Manager to coordinate internal communications with central charity volunteers TBC TBC
Work with Training Design Manager identify personal deelopment and training needs of volunteers TBC TBC
Explore and implement ideas around ways to encourage more flexible volunteering opportunities with EPAfrica TBC TBC
Set up feedback process for central charity members TBC TBC
Ensure PWs are informed and encouraged to join the central charity once they have completed their summer in East Africa TBC TBC
Oversee ‘Contacts’ section of the database, cleaning data, prompting users to update their details and coordinating any improvements TBC TBC
Handover to new HR Manager TBC TBC


Core Skills
  • Strong desire to improve the volunteer management of EPAfrica
  • Proactive attitude
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with several other workstreams
  • Strong organisational skills
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of working in a volunteer management or HR role