Thinkpiece: Is it truly the ‘Death of the Boy Child’ ? – By Zahan Bharucha

Preconceptions, Misconceptions and Reconceptions Prior to arriving in Kenya my understanding of gender within Kenyan society was simplistic to say the least; having viewed Kenya as a country still under development, I presumed that gender parity would be a distant reality and that women in the country would face an uphill battle in achieving gender equality. This impression was only compounded by some of the advice I came across before travelling, advising girls to cover […]

Humans of EPAFrica 2017 – May 2017

Humans of EPAfrica April 2017 – Cambridge  This instalment of Humans of EPAfrica comes from Cambridge, with a group conversation with former PWs and committee members for EPAfrica, to understand their thoughts about the charity and its direction. The conversation has been split into three parts- · Their work before they went to Africa · Their time in Africa · What they learnt, and their current work with EPAfrica The group included both members of […]

Reflections on my time in Kisii, what I’ve learnt and top tips for future Project Workers

So with week 8 completed and with the prospect of home on the horizon, PW’s across the board have been very busy with wrapping up their projects, completing paperwork and ensuring the memorandum of understanding is signed of with the school. With just one week left before we leave back to the UK, I thought I would write down a few things that I have learnt during my time here. 1. The work we do […]

Teaching and learning, can we influence what happens in the classroom, and should we?

‘Don’t teach, invest.’ – This was one of the slogans I remember when making the decision to apply to EPAfrica (KEP back then). The rationale makes sense: for us teaching is unsustainable and counterproductive. University students from the UK are simply not qualified to teach, especially in an alien education system where there is a surplus of more-able, qualified teachers. However the result of this alternate focus on resource investment  perhaps meant that we are […]

A week at Marongo PAG, Kisii, Kenya

So here we are, having made it to holiday week and a well deserved break after what has been perhaps the busiest and most stressful week for all PW’s across the three sites. We, the dynamic duo of Jordan and Sabina (or for the purpose of this blog, Jorbina) are going to update you on our experiences of our fifth week in Marongo PAG Secondary School, Kisii. With all central pot funding received, week 5 […]

How does EPAfrica find partner schools?

On Thursday the 28th of July, Taru, the project manager in Kisii, took me to my first school visit to St Peter’s Keberesi Secondary School. This was my first school selection visit – I was very excited to learn more about the local secondary education and the process through which EPAfrica selects its partner schools. We left the town centre early in the morning, travelling first to Mogunga, from where we took another matatu to […]

Announcing the Innovation Seed Fund

This year EPAfrica will be investing over £1000 of funds in seven innovative project ideas in our partners school, as part of a new initiative to continuously improve and develop our programmeEPAfrica invests funds, time and energy into our school partnerships. We send our Project Workers (PWs) to live and work in our partner schools in order that they can develop the contextual understanding and strong relationships that will enable their time, money and ideas […]

EPAfrica Instagram #nofilter (mostly)

This summer across East Africa we have been snapping and gramming our best photos via EPAfrica’s new instagram account. Would you like to be a Project Worker? Sign up below to be alerted when recruitment opens in your area. Alert me when applications open: Email Address First Name Last Name Region CambridgeLondonOxfordOther Anna SpinksAnna is EPAfrica’s CEO. She was a Project Worker in Kisii in 2007 at Kemasare Secondary School and has been involved in […]

18th July – Monday 25th July: Kirsty, Daphne and Calum

Due to circumstances beyond both Calum and Negin’s control, on the 12th of July 2016 Calum sadly, and officially, went from being half of a beautiful partnership to all of a lonely single. However, most fortunately for all concerned, this period of uncertainty was short-lived as Kirsty and Daphne emerged the undoubted winners of Calum’s rigorous selection process… both due to obvious logistical favourability and the clear distinct personality cohesion they were chosen to unite […]

New schools, old friends and monitoring and evaluation

We often worry about monitoring and evaluating (M&E) the outcomes of the work we do in Kenya and Uganda. It’s true that effective M&E is something of a dark art in the world of international development. Yesterday the PWs in Kisii visited my PW school – St Joseph’s Kemasare – as part of their first week training, ten years after I had been there and, I have to say, I’ve never been so convinced that […]