First Week Coordinators

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First Week Coordinators

The First Week Coordinator Role

Our First Week Coordinators work with the Summer Team to welcome our Project Workers to East Africa and deliver training. This role is critical in ensuring that our volunteers are equipped with the relevant information and skills to implement successful projects. Our First Week Coordinators have a great opportunity to enhance your leadership and public speaking skills.

Role Outline

First Week Coordinators have the following responsibilities:

Welcoming our volunteers to East Africa

First Week Coordinators will meet our Project Workers at the airport and accompany them to one of our three sites. and offer pastoral support to our volunteers to help them adjust to East African life.

Preparing for First Week Training

As part of this role you will have to print off maps, charts, and essential information as aides for on-site training.

Delivering First Week Training

This role involves both leading and supporting training on site, giving our Project Workers briefings on their schools, and taking our volunteers on a tour of their town.

Organising and leading the Head Teachers' Conference

First Team Coordinators will liaise with Pre-summer Team members to plan and deliver our annual Head Teachers' Conference, and send our Project Workers to their respective schools.

Application Deadline: Friday 30th March 2018

Important Dates

 Application deadline  30th March 2018

 Summer Team Training

Crisis Management Training

Project Manager Training

 Project Dates  30th June - 8th September 2018 (Provisional)
 Summer Team Debrief  TBC

Other Summer Team Roles

Chris is a Project Coordinator in both Kakamega and Kisii over Summer 2016.