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Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator Role

Our Project Coordinators support the Project Manager to ensure that our programme runs smoothly over the summer. Project Coordinators make a major contribution to both the success of our projects and the quality of our volunteers’ experience in East Africa. The position offers a great opportunity to improve your management skills within a development context.

Role Outline

Project Coordinators have the following responsibilities:

Managing our volunteers

This position involves pastoral duties such as visiting project workers in schools and accompanying volunteers to hospital when needed, providing advice on school-related issues, and ensuring that our code of conduct is adhered to.

Managing project delivery

The job requires you to: ensure that all volunteers complete their projects where able; help deliver training on site; support the implementation of our summer programme; prepare and organise meetings such as the HT Conference, Mid-summer Meeting, and HT Debrief; and assist Project Researchers where necessary.

Managing relationships with our East African contacts

As part of this position you may have to: make official visits to NGOs and government offices; work with local friends of the charity; and distribute our Annual Report to the charity’s stakeholders.

Managing School Selection and Progression

When in East Africa our Project Coordinators will visit potential and past partner schools to assess their suitability to work with EPAfrica in the future and update stakeholders on changes within the charity.

Application Deadline: Friday 30th March 2018

Important Dates

 Application deadline  30th March 2018

 Summer Team Training

Crisis Management Training

Project Manager Training

 Project Dates  30th June - 8th September 2018 (Provisional)
 Summer Team Debrief  TBC

Other Summer Team Roles

Chris is a Project Coordinator in both Kakamega and Kisii over Summer 2016.