Recruitment & Retention Manager

Recruitment and Retention Manager

The Recruitment and Retention Manager coordinates and enhances the recruitment of volunteers for EPAfrica’s overseas summer projects (“Project Workers”) from university and non-university sources. You will be an active member of the Recruitment and Training Committee, and will proactively create opportunities for the committee’s associates to support recruitment activity and facilitate their engagement and involvement in this. You are will manage the delivery of the Recruitment Strategy, which articulates who should we target and why and where and how we appeal to these people. You are responsible for driving EPAfrica’s recruitment expansion plan, through actions such as researching external sources of PWs, and adapting recruitment plans to fit the charity’s needs. You will work with the Society Recruitment and Retention Officers to create an annual recruitment plan for 2017-18 in each of our university hubs.

Once recruited, you will support University Societies to engage and retain Project Workers through the mentor scheme. Working closely with the Society Recruitment and Retention Officers you will ensure that sufficient mentors are recruited and allocated in a timely fashion, that mentors themselves feel supported and informed, and that Project Workers are receiving appropriate levels of contact and key messages. You will support Presidents to establish a PW retention strategy and develop a PW-friendly timeline of the year with associated comms plan.

Core responsibilities:

  • Attend Recruitment and Training Committee meetings, and create and manage opportunities for the committee’s associates to support recruitment and retention activity.
  • Collaborate with the Communications Manager and the societies on social media preparation and delivery (drafting tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts, building our followers and Likes).
  • Launch and track the application, interview and onboarding process.
  • Work with members of our University Societies during the course of your role as the need arises eg. documentation, coordinating recruitment events, etc.
  • Coordinate/commission the development of posters, flyers, and other marketing materials.
  • Distribute marketing materials in necessary formats.
  • Coordinate/commission the design of invitations to interview, PW offer email templates and any other onboarding materials for project workers.
  • Research the potential for recruitment of graduates and young professionals, and then identify the ways in which we can maximise the reach of such potential avenues.
  • Upskill volunteers to conduct high-quality interviews
  • Investigate a number of paid-for advertising opportunities including Facebook, and Google Ads
  • Coordinate the design of a briefing document and UC training session for recruitment messaging
  • Oversee the PW mentor scheme


  • Nurture and inspire a team of officers, mentors and associate to volunteer effectively in recruitment and retention
  • Improve recruitment processes and the mentor scheme by incorporating feedback
  • Grow our presence at Warwick University
  • Grow our presence at more London universities and all universities in Oxford and Cambridge
  • Support University Societies to maintain the Recruitment dashboard
  • Produce effective marketing materials and adapt them for use for project workers from university and non-university sources
  • Establish and maintain links with viable new recruitment sources, and advertise the role of project workers with a view to recruiting and retaining these project workers – including non-student PWs
  • Development of marketing activities outside the UC recruitment, i.e. at conferences
  • Work on analysing our marketing materials and their effectiveness
  • Develop a strategy on the collection of video material to be used in marketing