Project Workers settle into their schools in Mbarara

After a busy training week in Mbarara (read what our Project Workers thought here and here), last weekend the PWs were finally ready to spread their wings and fly the nest. They’ve now spent a full week living and working in their schools, and for me and my fellow coordinator Anna, the week was spent visiting them in their schools to see how they’re settling in.


Me and Anna, on our way to visit the PWs in their schools.

St Benedict’s Technical Institute – Amanda, Corina and Mikolaj

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Isingiro Secondary School – Antonio, Ellen and Kevin

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St John’s Rutsya – Bessie, Kate and Susanna

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Hillside Vocational Secondary School – Hollie and Rob

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It was great to see the PWs settling in well, making friends, and getting stuck into work in their schools. It looks like it’ll be a fun and successful summer for all of them here in Mbarara!

Ellie is the 2016 Mbarara Project Manager. She was a Project Worker at Shuuku Vocational Secondary School in 2014 and coordinated in Kisii and Kakamega in 2015. She has recently graduated from Oxford where she studied Classics and hopes to start a masters at LSE in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies. This summer she hopes to learn to cook.