Summer 2012

Final Blog from Kisii 2012!

This is it! The final Kisii summer blog update. All the project workers are now safely back in the Kisii house, most preparing to return to the UK over the weekend, while the lucky few are planning further Kenyan travels. It’s been a very busy week, with PWs working hard to finish their school investments and initiatives despite a teachers’ strike a total absence of students.Meanwhile the coordinators have been finishing their school selection visits […]

Week 6 and 7 Kisii update!

Week 6 After a very refreshing holiday week, the project workers, tanned and tired from a long journey, sat down for a the Mid-Summer Meeting to plan the second half of the project.  We discussed their proudest moments so far, which included: a successful careers day, resulting in excited and motivated students; seeing an accountant finally taking initiative; an inspirational HIV positive speaker, resulting in students wanting to be tested; setting up a debating club […]

Holiday Week and Week 5 in Kakamega

Holiday Week It was a comparatively quiet week in the Kakamega house – after Emma and Lizzie left, I was the only coordinator left. Since almost all of the Project Workers had gone to Tiwi beach (expect an update a little later on this) this just left me and the chickens! Nevertheless it was a great opportunity to get on top of some KEP administration.So far the school selection strategy in Kakamega has heavily relied […]

Holiday week and week 5, Kisii

Rona visits St Paul Omonayo   After a successful handover between both sites, both Uganda research teams and first and second half Project Managers in Kisumu, I returned to Kisii town to start my stint as Project Manager. Unfortunately I returned to Kisumu much quicker than expected as one PW was admitted as an inpatient to Kisumu Aga Khan due to severe food poisoning. After 2 nights and 5* care we returned back to Kisii […]

Week 3 and 4 Kisii update!

With the PWs back from a lovely weekend relaxing in the tea-growing hills of Kericho, it was time for Week Three in the schools in Kisii – the week wherein the Project Workers start their buying, start their implementation, and really use all the information that they’ve absorbed about the school to make firm plans about their budget and what to spend their money on. Having had lots of meetings with teachers, head teachers, students […]

Week 3 and 4 Kakamega Update!

Last Monday Lizzie and I visited Ivona Secondary where Alex and Thea are Project Workers. We were shown the lab technician keenly demonstrating the newly-installed water and gas taps (with evidently excellent flow) – before the water used in experiments had to be fetched from the contaminated tank and gas was taken straight from a cylinder. A very smart (but inexpensive) laser printer was being put through its paces in the staff room. Many of […]

Week 1 and 2 in Kisii Update!

The Project Workers have now been in their schools for two weeks, having waved goodbye to us at the Headteachers Conference on the 6th July and headed off for their villages – and what an action-packed two weeks its been!Having settled in with their various host families or at their accommodation over the first weekend, many of them attending a very long and loud Church service in the village on the first Sunday, the PWs […]

Pre-summer and training week from Kakamega!

After a long journey we arrived in Kisumu for the first in-country stage of training and orientation. This involved, amongst many other things, discussion about important aspects of Kenyan culture and history, a Kiswahili lesson and a recap on how to keep safe and healthy in Kenya. The group then split into two, travelling by matatu to our two sites the next morning. Once settled into the central house, PWs grouped into “families” headed by a coordinator […]

Pre-summer and training week update from Kisii!

We are pleased to report back on a fantastic start to the KEP Summer 2012 Project in Kisii! The Pre Summer Team of Molly, Chain and Bobby worked extremely hard to get prepared for the 21 project workers to arrive in the first week – they were given a lot of help by our great KEP friends in the town – Eliud, Saif, Geoff, Dan, and of course Castan. They had secured and tidied a […]

Count down to KEP Summer 2012…

This is it…the final count down to KEP Summer 2012. Funds are raised, PWs packing, the Summer Team are definitely not stressing… PW’s will be arriving in Kenya on 1st July 2012 for Training Week, before hitting their villages by the 8th July 2012. This year we are planning a multi-channel media approach to the summer. Look forward to regular tweets from our Summer PMs, a bi-weekly newsletter and regular blog updates on our website to keep […]