Summer 2014

Monitoring and Evaluation: EPAfrica’s trial of the Most Significant Change Technique

Why monitoring & evaluation is important To be effective, a charity has to understand the practical outcome of its work on the ground. This means that it’s critical that Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are carried out properly. Without the true appreciation of the changes brought about by the charity that good M&E gives us, all that remains are educated guesses and opinions. This is why the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique was developed and implemented. Outline of MSC process […]

Saying goodbye – Final update from Mbarara

The Mbarara volunteers have now been in country 10 weeks and we have established a way of life here. As I write, Project Workers are in their villages reviewing their investments and the Summer Team in Central House typing up school visits – the routine. We are familiar with how things work; from the tastes of rolex and matoke, to the tones of Runyankore (the vernacular) – though we’re yet to master the words and […]

Reflections on the last 9 weeks in Kakamega

As we enter the final week of our 2014 summer project, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the achievements of our project workers and the work they’ve done in their schools. In the past 9 weeks, project workers across all three of our sites in Kenya and Uganda have delivered an investment project tailored to the specific needs of the school they’ve been partnered with.What does this mean in practical terms? For […]

The Kisii County Education Conference & The Midsummer Meeting

The Kisii Education Conference After an action packed 5 weeks in their schools, Project Workers headed off for a week of well deserved R&R and a chance to visit other places in Kenya. With schools breaking up for the vacation as well, the Summer Team had time to learn more of the changes that have taken place in Kisii over the last year. Of the more exciting developments, the pioneering 1st Kisii County Education Conference […]

Time Flies When You’re Budgeting And Buying Textbooks And Running Careers Days And…

Project Worker Lily Mortimer gives an overview of the plans afoot at Kakiika Technical School for Summer 2014! This is an adaptation of content originally published on Lily’s personal blog, Our main priority for the summer is the library. Before we arrived, the school had fewer than thirty relevant textbooks, shared between 260 students and staff. The textbooks used by technical schools are much less readily available, and are significantly more expensive than those […]

Insight from Kakamega Project Workers

Hello again from Kakamega! We’ve had another good few weeks. This past week especially has been extremely busy for everyone, as you can see in our ‘guest post’ from two of our amazing project workers, Emily and Bea at Kakunga Girls’. Check out their full blog at This week has been hectic! We found out from our Project Manager last week that we had obtained Central Pot funding for a generator for our school, […]

Spotlight on St Dominic Rusinga

Situated a short walk from the village of Igare, St Dominic Rusinga entered into a partnership with EPAfrica in 2013 in order to help facilitate the expansion of their teaching materials. In the first year of investment Project Workers focused on the renovation of the library. In 2014, Project Workers built upon the first year of investment by installing piped gas to the laboratory, repairing the floor and increasing the stock of equipment available for practicals – enabling students to undertake a greater variety of science practicals and thus enhance their understanding.

Life in Mbarara

I didn’t go to Mbarara last year. I was a Project Worker in Kakamega, Kenya. But en route to this temporary home we flew in to Entebbe and so it was Ugandan rather than Kenyan soil that was my first point of contact with East Africa.It was strange – to pass so quickly through a country: banana trees jostling with stalls selling street food – scenes glimpsed quickly through the windows of a coach taking us […]

Jambo from Kakamega!

First a thank you to everyone who helped out, both in the UK and especially in Kenya and Uganda, with the pre-summer set up of the EPAfrica projects and the first week of training. Everything has run incredibly smoothly, which wouldn’t have happened without you.As you heard from Jess in Kisii last week, the Project Workers (PWs) spend their first week in-country doing training. Ours left the Kakamega  house on Friday after the Head Teachers’ […]

First week in Kisii!

Hello from Kisii!After a long flight, (including experiencing the delights of BA’s version of a classic British afternoon tea) the Kenya contingent of EPAfrica volunteers arrived in Nairobi airport. We were met by the very efficient pre-summer team and a mini bus to take us to our hostel where we spent our first night in Kenya. From here we parted ways with the Kakamega team and headed off to Kisii where we will spend the […]