Summer 2015

Central Pot Projects at Machongo PAG

Last year’s Project Workers did a great job of improving water availability and storage throughout the school. This year’s funding allowed us to build on this and optimize the use of the existing facilities to provide more clean water and and more accessible water facilities, as well as converting the laboratory into a workable, inspiring and importantly sustainable landmark that the students could use as much as they wished.

EPAfrica’s 2015 Central Pot Projects

Distributing central pot funding was particularly challenging this year. First, we prioritised viable projects that offered a complete solution to the water or electricity issue at hand. We felt that these were higher impact and better value for money than projects that would only provide a partial fix. Similarly, projects that offered ‘transformational change’ in the way a school uses water or electricity were rated highly. Beyond this, we assessed each school’s current situation carefully […]

NGO Partnering in Kenya: The road to social development

Fewer than 30% of Kenyans have access to an all-weather road [1]. This basic infrastructural limitation compromises the ability of the majority of the 44.3 million population to easily access two key pillars of social development, healthcare and education. EPAfrica focuses on the latter, aiming to improve the quality of education in rural secondary schools with the idea of opening doors for further, lasting development. Riders for Health are an NGO based in seven countries across Africa, providing […]

Moving the goalposts …

If you haven’t already heard, EPAfrica is celebrating 25 years since it started from humble beginnings with a group of Cambridge undergraduates looking to provide sustainable development in education. It should be no surprise then that the calendar of the summer project, and ceremonies within it, follow a suitably arcane structure – and so at the end of our third week in Kenya we had our second-week meeting.The second week meeting is an opportunity for Project Workers to convene and discuss their […]

My favourite day so far …

By Jo Austen, Kakamega Project Manager  My favourite day so far was the Wednesday of our ‘pre-summer’ preparations week. While Matt and Ellie were visiting 5 schools in a day (!!), with the help of our slightly bemused taxi-driver friend Joseph, I headed west, towards Mumias, to visit two schools that are new to the project this summer.The day started slowly, even by East African standards. Already running a little late, I happily clambered into an almost-full matatu, which immediately pulled […]

Greetings from Kisii …

Imbuya more?! [Ekegusii – How are you? (pl.)] And greetings from Kisii at the end of training week! Except for a few late arrivals, our project workers are now settling in to community life. The summer team will be visiting them over the next fortnight to see how they are getting on in their projects and new adventures. This year in Kisii we have 11 project workers across 6 schools in Machongo, Nyakemincha, Gesore, Nyamuya, Maroo Esinde and Riyabu.Bridging the […]

The EPAfrica Summer Team: Why I keep coming back for more …

By Patrick Hearn Over Christmas and New Year I was thinking about my favourite part of 2014. Undoubtedly, it was the time I spent re-discovering Kakamega, Kenya for the third time in as many years.The decision to return to East Africa again was not an easy one, and there were a number of reasons that made it problematic: the costs involved, the chance to do an internship, my mum telling me that I was trying to avoid her, […]