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“Girl Friendly Toilets”… a bog standard investment!

By Donya Mojtahed-Zadeh. This summer in Mbarara, Uganda, I had the privilege of being the second half Project Manager. This role entailed quite a lot of running around town to sort out logistics for next year’s summer, as well as squeezing in those final few school visits we had planned. Hectic as it was, I knew it was coming. I’d even pre-planned a to-do list for it all. But something slightly unexpected for the Summer […]

QCOEF join forces with EPAfrica

Education Partnerships Africa were very excited to be one of three speakers at a charity formal in Clare College, Cambridge on Thursday 10th March. The event was hosted by QCOEF, the Queen’s and Clare Overseas Education Fund. This marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between QCOEF and EPAfrica, and has been kick-started with an amazing donation of £1,500 from QCOEF to EPAfrica’s 2016 central pot. QCOEF is a Cambridge-based charity that works with international, grassroots charities involved with supporting […]

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water Projects at Eronge

At Eronge, Project Workers purchased, amongst other things, a new 5,000 litre water tank. This allowed an existing 2,300 litre tank to be transferred to the chemistry laboratory, meaning that the school is now the proud owner of a functioning lab complete with water, gas and furniture. The new tank will also have a huge impact on the male boarders, who will now have more time to study, as they won’t have to go to the river to collect water.