School Visit

School Visits Over the Years – Change and Continuity (Part 1: Change)

Along with ensuring the safety of our Project Workers (PWs), school visits are amongst the most important things that the Summer Team do. They are an essential part of our model, ensuring that every year we have a great group of partner schools with whom to work; schools that will keep the Project Workers safe, and work hand in hand with them to improve the quality of education for their students. First off, a 90 […]

What do we look for in our partner schools?

Whenever we visit a potential partner school, we begin our conversation with the headteacher by explaining what EPAfrica does, how our application process works, and what we look for in a potential partner school. “We are looking for three things,” I always explain. “We are looking for a school where our investments will have impact; a school where our investments will be sustainable; and a school where our Project Workers will have a good experience.”   The […]

Visit to Rutooma – An EPAfrica school 2 years on, by PW Antonio

On the 29th of June as part of our first week training, half of the EPAfrica project workers in Uganda visited Rutooma Secondary School in order to get some feedback on past EPAfrica projects and current initiatives taking place at the school, including the most recent grades of its O-level and A-level students. The school is fairly close to the Mbarara city centre, and from the main road to the actual school we had to […]