Ematiha Water Project 2016

Rosie Bishop and Robbie Mallett One of the first things we noticed after arriving eight weeks ago at our school was that whenever the students needed water they would undertake the 20-minute round trip to the local borehole to fill twenty litre containers. This was mostly done by the girls who then carried the considerable weight over uneven ground back to the school. The school had two large water tanks on site, neither of which […]

Mzungus go to the Mountain in Mbarara

by Mikolaj Grelewicz   Since our village is located in an absolutely stunning mountainous region near Mbarara town, Amanda, Corina and I were compelled to climb up one of the surrounding mountains.   To make our trip even more interesting and, more importantly, to avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere, we decided to invite some locals and students to join our trip. Amanda’s beautiful advertisement –“Mzungus Going to the Mountain” – 20kg jackfruit and […]

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water and Electricity in Nyamakorobo

Over the past few years, EPAfrica has incorporated a new source of funding into its summer project: the central pot. It’s called the central pot because, unlike the funding that Project Workers invest in their schools, it is fundraised and managed by the central charity. In the past, it has come from grants to EPAfrica, as well as regular donations from our alumni. Central pots are allocated to a specific purpose, and Project Workers get […]