What’s cooking Wednesday in Kakamega

Following on from Ben’s post on Ugandan food in Mbarara I thought I would continue this conversation and look at the meals that the project workers in Kakamega have been eating. Since arriving in Kenya nearly four weeks ago I have found many volunteers commenting on the differences between what they consume in the U.K. and here in Kakamega. However, I think everybody here has adjusted well to this cultural difference. Last Wednesday I thought […]

Mmmmmmmbarara: food as friend or foe?

My monumental task for this blog is to discuss the extremely important issue of food. One of the great wonders: for some, food is more than just the fuel for life’s continuation, but that which brings joy to the body and mind, and unites friends together over common appetite. Perhaps I’m asking too much of food in Uganda which is better known for its carby-licious matooke (mashed steamed bananas) and posho (maize). Food can tell […]