Ten by Ten

Ten by Ten

An EPAfrica volunteer has chosen you to be part of an extraordinary fundraising project which we hope will help change the way we work and enable us to deliver our life-­‐changing work to thousands more students across East Africa.

Will you take The Ten By Ten Pledge…?

EPAfrica has been helping rural communities in East Africa for 25 years. In that time we've managed to maintain our work whilst remaining entirely volunteer-run. That was an extraordinary achievement and was thanks to the untiring commitment of a huge team of dedicated volunteers.

But in 2015 EPAfrica came up with an ambitious vision: EPAfrica 2020. This five-year plan seeks to dramatically change the way we operate, expanding our current operations to more universities across the UK, and more sites in East Africa.

In order to achieve our expansion goals we need to change the way we work completely. In 2016 the charity took the bold decision to appoint our first paid employee, a CEO, to run our operations in the UK. This was a big step for us, but we felt it was the only way we could deliver on our ambitious targets, and become the sustainable, professionally run organisation we hope to be.

But the plan doesn’t stop there. In order to keep expanding our opportunities to more young people across the UK and East Africa we need to invest tens of thousands of pounds over the coming years. In the changing landscape of the modern charity sector it’s harder and harder to secure funds to run the unique work we do.

That's why we need your help…

The Ten by Ten Pledge

Each of our volunteers who is taking part in The Ten By Ten Pledge has committed to doing two things:

To give £10 each month, to help us raise the money we need to change the way we work
To find ten other people who will commit to doing the same.

That's where you come in. Will you be one of their Ten?

If each volunteer who has taken the pledge succeeds in finding ten people to take it with them, we will be well on the way to achieving the targets set out in our five-year plan. This will be a game-changer for us as a charity, and for the thousands of extra students we’ll be able to reach in East Africa.

We’ve answered some of the questions you might below. We hope when you’ve read them you’ll be ready to sign up

Thanks in advance for all your help with what we hope will be a hugely exciting new chapter for EPAfrica.


Don’t your volunteers fundraise to cover their work in East Africa?

Yes, they do, and that money goes primarily on covering the costs of running our core work in the summer. But as we professionalise and expand, the costs of running the charity will inevitably increase. We firmly believe that EPAfrica’s operations still represent great value for money, and that in the long run the costs of running the charity will be small compared to the huge impact we’ll be able to have.

If you’ve been working successfully for 25 years, why do you need this money now?

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved since we began in the early ‘90s. And having seen the impact we can have we’re keen to see more schools benefitting. Our volunteers already give a huge amount of time and the organisation will become increasingly unwieldy as we expand. Professionalising our operations will enable us to keep delivering the quality work we’ve become known for, on an even bigger scale.

Where can I find out more about your five-year plans and what this money will do?

Our website has more information on the way we aim to change our work with EPAfrica2020. See here to find out more. It’s an ambitious plan, but we hope with your help it’s achievable.

What if I change my mind?

We understand that asking for an ongoing commitment to financial giving is a big ask. If at some point in the future you change your mind, you can get in touch and we’ll help you cancel your direct debit.