Society Treasurer

University Society Treasurer

As Treasurer, you are responsible for ensuring that Project Worker fundraising appropriately collected and tracked throughout the year, and you will work with mentors to ensure that fundraising deadlines are met by PWs.

As well as reporting to the President, you will work within the Business Operations Committee, and attend their monthly committee meetings. You may also have additional responsibilities specific to the university society structure dictated by the university or area in which you are based.

Role Description

The university society Treasurer is responsible for tracking and supporting the progress of PW fundraising. They are expected to feedback PW fundraising progress (especially if low or a cause for concern) to the President and Fundraising Officer. The Treasurer manages the University bank account and the expenditure of the society budget throughout the year. They will need to collect PW deposits, transfer funds to central account, ensure that PWs meet their fundraising deadlines, help the PWs to understand how to use the PW site, and transfer reimbursements to PWs.

Any member of the society committee is also expected to help out with recruitment, training and other general tasks, become a PW mentor, and to be involved in socials and events throughout the year.

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
Become a signatory on the UC bank account Sept 2017 Sept 2017
PW recruitment – advertising Sep 2017 Jan 2018
PW recruitment – interviews and selection Nov 2017 Jan 2018
PW recruitment – Welcome Meeting Dec 2017 Jan 2018
Deposit collection Nov 2017 Jan 2018
Fundraising training (with the Fundraising Officer) Dec 2017 Feb 2018
Fundraising tracking and support Dec 2017 June 2018
Transfer funds to central account Dec 2017 June 2018
Facilitate booking of PW flights March 2018 April 2018
PW support Dec 2017 June 2018
Events and socials Sept 2017 June 2018
Monitor the BT Mydonate account on a monthly basis and update the PW Fundraising Tracker Dec 2017 June 2018
Support the PW School Investment Grant, Living Allowance transfer and Central Pots awards June 2018  June 2018


Core Skills
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent organisation
  • Numerically confident
  • Experience using Google Sheets or MS Excel
  • Can build good relationships with others both in person and remotely
Desirable Skills
  • Previous experience with running a budget
  • Previous experience of training people/ running group meetings