The Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee

About the committee

The Fundraising Committee leads the planning, coordination and implementation of all EPAfrica's fundraising activities. It's mission is to enable more investment in education in secondary education in East Africa by raising more funds. As a new committee, this will be acheived by growing our capacity to indentify, pursue and obtain more funding opportunities, and by championing fundraising across the organisation as a core part of everything we do.

Identifying and bidding for grants

Securing grant funding is critical to our ability to grow and develop our programme and impact.

Donor Relationships and Reporting

We want to give our donors visability of how we are spending their funds, and the impact they are having.

Supporting Volunteer Fundraising

Our voluneers raised over £130,000 in 2016-17. This huge acheievement was a big challenge - but is critical to our impact in schools.

An opportunity for personal development

The fundraising committee is a great place to develop your copy writting, programme design and public relations skills. This is a new committee, and will provide opportunities to learn about how a new team and function is established. Fundraising and donor liaison is a component of many roles within charities and social enterprises. Volunteering on this committee will help you to develop skills that are in demand in the third sector. Writting grant proposals will also allow you to develop transferable skills which are often useful in the consultancy sector when preparing bids to compete for work.

Fundraising Roles

The Fundraising Committee will meet (virtually) as a group once a month and is chaired by the Director of Fundraising, who sits on the Board of Directors. The committee consists of Managers, Officers and Associates and will include members of the University Societies who have responsibilities for fundraising. Managers and Officers have a defined portfolio of responsibilities that they lead and coordinate. These roles are a great opportunity to make an impact on a defined area. Associates responsibilies are more fluid, and they volunteer flexibily on specific project throughout the year.

Director of Fundraising

The Director of Fundraising leads all Fundraising activity throughout EPAfrica and is a member of the Board of Directors.


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Join the Fundraising Committee


Become a fundraising associate

In addition to the roles defined above you can also join the Fundraising Committee's 'Pool' as a Fundraising Associate. As an Associate, you will volunteer flexibly throughout the year, committing to a variety of activities in the short-term on an ad-hoc basis. Associates attend monthly committee meetings, and volunteer for specific task as their availability allows. This model enables the Fundraising Committee to deploy volunteers responsively to grab opportunities and quickly address any emerging issues or risks.

The Committee will delegate self-contained projects to the pool, such as a grant application, but you will also find yourself supporting Managers and Officers at key points in the year when the delivery of their responsibilities require all hands on deck - for example during crowdfunding campaigns. Lastly, sometimes more heads on a problem means a better result and each Committee has a number of sub-working groups addressing those more complex area, which you can also join.

If you join the fundraising pool as a Fundraising Associate you could be working on....

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Promoting and mobalising support for our Christmas and central pots crowdfunding campaigns

Preparing Grant Applications

Using your writting and programme design skills to support the preparation of a specifiic grant applications.

Supporting volunteer fundraising

Preparing support and guidance for Project Workers, Summer Team and other volunteers who want to fundraise for EPAfrica.

Fundraising Events

Organising fundraising events such as black-tie parties, (half) marathons, Tough Mudders, skydives alumni dinners and the annual BBQ

Donor reports

Using copywriting, analytics and design skills to help prepare report for donors, ranging from the annual report to more technical grant reports.

RAG Campaigns

Supporting our partnership with Oxford RAG, and building relationships with other RAG societies.