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Project Workers are how EPAfrica does what it does. As a committee member of a university society, you are the face of EPAfrica, and will play a central role in developing and supporting the next Project Worker generation. As a returned Project Worker yourself, you'll get to give back to the charity while developing further skills and gaining more experience.

Achieve high levels of Project Worker applications

No matter your role in the Society, your first few months will be spent almost entirely focussed on Project Worker recruitment. Depending on your preferences, this might be speaking to large groups at information evenings, supporting the President to arrange interviews, or managing the mail-list campaigns. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your efforts have been directly responsible for the number of PW applications we receive.

Drive strong Project Worker retention rates

Ensure that Project Workers are ready to depart for East Africa and have fulfilled all of the necessary pre-summer actions and requirements, and support their development through initiatives such as the Project worker mentoring programme.

Support Volunteer Fundraising

Fundraising can feel like a challenge, but you've surmounted it and you can help others do so too. Whether as the Fundraising Officer, or as a mentor for a set of Project Workers, you'll ensure that they create a fundraising plan and do their best to stick to it, minimising the stress of fundraising and making it more effective.

An opportunity for personal development

The experiences you gain by continuing to volunteer for EPAfrica after returning from East Africa will help you with your future career. That might be by helping you realise what you want to do for a career or what you're good at, or developing skills to make your applications more competitive. Few university degrees allow you to demonstrate practical IT know-how, sustained teamwork over the course of a year, social media skills, or public speaking. In contrast, as part of the UC, you'll be given responsibilities like this throughout the year. Last year, society members managed applications from over 200 students, oversaw over £127,000 of volunteer fundraising and organised and delivered over 20 training sessions and events.

University Society Roles

uk-map-for-websiteEach university society member is also a member of a specific committee, either Fundraising, Recruitment and Training, Business Operations or Logistics and Delivery. As part of the university society, you'll work with Project Workers directly, inspiring them to continue with EPAfrica while providing practical support with fundraising, documentation, and training. As part of one of the four committees, you'll join monthly virtual meetings, where you'll update other members on what's happening 'on the ground' and what they can do to support you, while being inspired yourself by the other work that goes on behind the scenes!

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Become an Associate Member

In addition to the roles defined above you can also become an Associate Member of a University Society. As an Associate, you will volunteer flexibly throughout the year, committing to a variety of activities in the short-term on an ad-hoc basis. Associates attend society meetings, and volunteer for specific tasks as their availability allows. This model enables the University Society to deploy volunteers responsively to grab opportunities and quickly address any emerging issues.

As an Associate Member of a University Society you could be working on....

Developing events to raise the profile of EPAfrica
Publicising EPAfrica via a variety of online and social media channels
Participating in the interview and selection process for new Project Workers
Creating new fundraising support materials for Project Workers
Assisting in PW training sessions
Managing the collection of PW documentation

Become a Mentor

To best support our volunteers across the year, and to prepare them for their roles as Project Workers, a strong mentoring system is crucial. As a mentor, you will be the key point of contact with a Project Worker, and will be essential in assisting their development over the year.

This will involve actions such as: working with your PW to establish a fundraising plan for the year, ensuring that your PW understands the actions that they need to take to enable them to participate in the project, and supporting the progress of your PW throughout the year via regular catch-ups. All university society members will also be mentors, and members of the pool are encouraged to be mentors in combination with any other roles they may undertake.