The Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

As a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) your primary responsibility is to take a strategic overview of EPAfrica delivery, in line with the charity’s strategy. You will have a team of managers within your purview whose delivery against charity objectives you will need to set, monitor, and support, in part through regular Committee meetings.

You will be the interface between the Trustees, the CEO, and the charity’s operations, and will therefore be responsible for regularly reporting the operational activities of the charity to the Trustees, and taking a strategic overview of your delivery area.

These are challenging and demanding roles, but immensely rewarding, and a great opportunity for development.

Inspiring Volunteers

Creating exciting and engaging opportunities for volunteers to contribute to EPAfrica - engaging and motiviating volunteers within the Committees and supporting them to be successful in their roles.

Driving Delivery

Coordinating activity across the charity and leading and deploying your Committee to ensure that the annual project is delivered successful, and that we are on track to achieve our organisational objectives.

Leadership & Oversight

Being the face of EPAfrica, and holding the big picture of all the activity going on across the charity. Identifying and fixing issues, being a point of escalation and a decision making body that provides direction and resolution.

Volunteer Positions on the Board of Directors

There are four volunteer roles on the Board of Directors. Each Director is the chair of one of EPAfrica's Committees.

Director of Recruitment and Training

Director of Logisitics and Delivery

EPAfrica is run by four committees of dedicated volunteers, who are supported by our CEO, who is our only staff member. Our presence in universities is enabled by our active university societies in London, Oxford, Warwick and Cambridge. Our Trustees oversee our work and ensure that we are pursuing our charitable objectives.

Please note that these roles have been created as part of the ongoing restructure of EPAfrica’s UK operations. Some terms, processes, and areas of responsibility may shift slightly as the new structure beds in and we each become clearer about what it means for our new committees.


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We are currently recruiting a Director on Fundraising.

In addition, we will be recruiting for the posts of Director of Logistics and Delivery and Director of Business Operations in the next few months. We welcome submissions of interested for these two posts.

Directors Responsibilities

BoD members are jointly responsible for the charity’s overall operational delivery and you will be expected to work collegiately and collaboratively with the wider BoD to achieve organisational objectives – particularly where there are interdepencies between BoD areas, which there often are.

Individually, each Director is responsible for:

Leading a Committee

Chairing Committee meetings and managing the volunteers within it, acting as a point of contact and overseeing their delivery. Managing the recruitment and onboarding of committee volunteers, and succession planning of all committee roles.

Nurturing Volunteers

Ensure that talent, expertise and skills are built up throughout the charity’s members. Building the capacity of committee volunteers throughout the year and ensuring there is continuity in your delivery, especially during the handover between Managers.

Managing committee resources
Overseeing prioritisation between different areas of your committee and allocating resource appropriately. Accountable for the directorate budget and the deployment of pool and other volunteer resources. Develop and support the participation of pool members.
Directorate Delivery

Accountable for delivery of Committee’s objectives, including taking oversight of the directorate’s annual plan. Responsibility for holding Managers to account in the delivery of the programme to time and budget. Accountable to the Board for your meeting your deliverables and milestones on time and to high standard.

Strategic engagement across and beyond the charity
Attendance at Directors’ meetings, representing the work and objectives of the Committee. Responsible for transparency of committee and visibility to other Directors/directorates, and ensuring the committee keep dashboards/trackers up to date.
Identifying and Managing Risk
Directors oversee risk identification and management witin their Committees, reporting these to the BoD and escalating to the Trustees as required. During the Summer Project, Directors will take it in turns to be UKPMs.

Shared Accountabilites

Being visable

A visible and approachable BoD will help instill a positive, fun and professional atmosphere in the charity and allow people contribute towards the strategic direction of the charity. Regular emailing, calling, social media activity, meeting in person and attendance at larger social events such as the Summer BBQ and EPAfriPub are all vital in ensuring that morale in the charity remains high and that people remain involved.

Succession Management

The BoD are responsible for managing succession within the leadership of the charity. All Directors should constantly be looking to get people involved and ensure that their skills are used in the right areas. Each Director commits to providing a suitable handover, and adequate support (face to face where possible) to bring their successor up to speed at the start of their tenure

Prioritisation and Coordination

Act as the interface between your Committee and the “bigger picture” within the charity. Ensure that there is cross-talk across all relevant workstreams and being instrumental in providing opportunities for collaboration within the different sections of the charity. Engage with the Trustees to make decisions pertaining to the strategic direction of the charity (eg expansion, new programmes).

Delivering on-time and on-budget

The Directors oversee EPAfrica's annual plan and budget. In addition to overseeing the budget and plan for their own committee, the BoD collectively manages the overall plan and budget, and takes proactive remedial action to reallocate funds and resources between committees as required.

Driving Improvement

Be innovative, creative and strive each year to make the charity better every year and keep the charity dynamic and forward looking. The Directors jointly own the annual delivery plan for EPAfrica 2020.

Ensuring Compliance

Champion EPAfrica's policies (e.g. Risk Assessment Child Protection etc.) and ensure they are adhered to, well known within the charity and built into all of EPAfrica’s activities. Work with the Trustees to manage issues regarding Risk/Legal.

Meetings and Events

Directors attend various meetings to discuss how work within EPAfrica is progressing and to take any decisions that are needed for it to move forward. Meetings held are as follows:

Directors Board Meeting (monthly)

An opportunity for discussing cross-committee issues and collaborative decision-making on issues which significantly affect the operational direction of the charity. These are face-to-face where possible and have a rotating chair and secretariat.

Committee Meetings (recommended monthly)

Regular Committee meetings enable directors to engage their teams and develop a shared responsibility for deliver activity. They give the team visibility of progress, enable the management of dependencies and engagement with challenges faced by the wider committee team.

Trustee / BoD Workshops (quarterly)

These workshops allow reflection on strategic issues and risks and are used to plan and review delivery activity for EPAfrica 2020. They include the 'Go-No-Go' decision and 'Pre-Summer Readiness Review' which are held in advance of each Summer Project.


The Directors are responsible for arranging and facilitating debrief sessions with PWs from all partner universities, coordinators who have travelled to East Africa as part of the Summer Team, and PMs.

Alumni Dinner and Social Events

To aid the building of a strong and enriching volunteer community, Directors are recommended to attend social events such as the Alumni Dinner and EPAfric-Pub and to act as ambasadors for their EPAfrica cohort and committees in encouraging them to attend also.

PW Training Days and UC training events

The Directors are encouraged to attend these events and engage closely with University Societies as a means to raise the profile of their committees with the next generation of volunteers.