Emily Grotto

About Emily Grotto

Emily was a Project Worker in 2014 and has held various positions since. She  is currently Director of East Africa Strategy.

Solar Energy: A sunny solution to boarding school blackouts

Anyone who has spent any time in Kenya knows that power cuts are frequent and disruptive. The effects of  these outages are particularly dire in boarding schools, where students are plunged into darkness every time there is a power cut, severely inhibiting their ability to revise or do their homework outside of daylight hours (7am to 7pm). The cuts are unpredictable and can last several hours or even days.

Emanyinya Library: An Online Harambe

Emanyinya secured funding for a new library from the Kenya government's Total Transition from Primary to Secondary School program, but the money did not stretch to furnishing the library. We created this microproject earlier in 2018 to enable Emanyinya's international friends to support the school with furnishing the library with modern shelving units.