Jess Martin

About Jess Martin

Jess has been involved in the charity since joining as a Project Worker in 2012 and was actively involved in the Cambridge University Committee whilst at University. As the Shared Services Manager, Jess is responsible for managing the Finance, IT and Knowledge Management Workstreams of the charity and ensuring that data protection, sound financial management, smart IT, risk management and legal compliance are embedded in the behaviours and processes across the charity.

Spotlight on St Dominic Rusinga

Situated a short walk from the village of Igare, St Dominic Rusinga entered into a partnership with EPAfrica in 2013 in order to help facilitate the expansion of their teaching materials. In the first year of investment Project Workers focused on the renovation of the library. In 2014, Project Workers built upon the first year of investment by installing piped gas to the laboratory, repairing the floor and increasing the stock of equipment available for practicals - enabling students to undertake a greater variety of science practicals and thus enhance their understanding.

First week in Kisii!

Hello from Kisii!After a long flight, (including experiencing the delights of BA’s version of a classic British afternoon […]