Being on the Pre-Summer Team

We’re still looking for coordinators across the summer, but especially for pre-summer team members!
Dan Weber, who went out as part of the pre-summer team last year sums up what’s involved:
“Furnishing a flat for the first time ever (don’t forget the mirror!). Trying to figure out how on earth to best print a 2x3m map.

Having to buy and register 20 SIM cards with your phone, which seems a horrendous job at first but turns out “so so easy” (for a now already professional coordinator…).

Taking the extra half an hour in the morning at the local breakfast place chatting away with the lovely owner (about her music videos and Jesus Christ) and recording it as crucial “research learning the local dialect for first week training”.

Trying to imagine how a shed stacked with hay will be turned into a PW accommodation “very fast” after all that happened over the last year was getting the doors painted. (And then not recognising the place on the pastoral visit!).

Realising after a week of seemingly infinite to-do-lists that you’ve actually managed to get your site ready for another productive summer project of EPAfrica!

Pre-summer might be one of the most varied, busy, demanding, fun, rewarding experiences EPAfrica has to offer. Be your own boss, clear the way for a great project, be the one to make it happen! Apply for pre-summer team or get in touch with anyone who’s done it before!”