Donor and Grants Manager

Donor and Grants Manager

The Donor and Grants Manager ensures, through excellent donor management and strong grant-writing success, the long-term finances of the charity. From its establishment in 2017, the role continues to grow as we seek greater certainty about our income and future growth. The Donor and Grants manager is key to our fundraising becoming more professional and therefore more successful. Working on grants and liaising with donors are excellent skills to take with you into the charity sector, or to any career which involves careful, thorough and inspiring writing and excellent relationship management. 

You will be an active member of the Fundraising Committee. The role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of associates from the fundraising pool to assist you in the delivery of your objectives. The Fundraising Committee was established in 2017, and as a manager within it you will have the opportunity to shape this role and the committee more widely.


  • Continue to develop and own our fundraising strategy
  • Prioritise grant opportunities, ensure on-time submission of high-quality applications
  • Managing our relationship with Oxford RAG
  • Utalise the expertise of external volunteers to improve the quality of our grant applications
  • Liaise with the Logistics and Delivery team to target specific grants in line with our programme
  • Develop a strategy to align regular giving and Project Worker fundraising
  • Ensure timely, engaging and accurate reports go out to our donors
  • Run crowd-funding campaigns on the Global Giving platform

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
Manage and maintain relationships with regular donors Oct September
Manage and maintain relationships with grant funding bodies Oct May
Work with the alumni manager on expanding our Regular Giving campaign Oct March
Secure one-off fundraising such as RAG donations  Nov June
Apply for grants on EPAfrica’s behalf Dec May
Apply to corporate responsibility programmes Nov May
Promote fundraising programmes such as EasyFundraising, EasySearch, Percent Nov March
Work with Programme Manager to understand key areas of need and growth Nov May


Core Skills
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking skills
  • Strong adherence to deadlines
  • Teamwork
Desirable Skills
  • Grant-writing experience
  • Experience managing volunteers