HR Manager

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EPAfrica is at an important and exciting stage in its development, as we evolve in response to the challenges that Covid-19 has brought and go through the process of developing a new long-term strategy. 

As part of the strategy refresh process we are considering how we can bring the right talent into EPAfrica to drive our future progress. The HR manager will take leadership on supporting recruitment across the central charity, ensuring we are able fill roles from senior leaders (like Directors and Trustees) to Managers, Associates, and University Committees. 

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the HR Manager will play a pivotal role in enabling EPAfrica to deliver our objectives as we look towards launching our refreshed strategy and kickstarting our next cycle of volunteer recruitment. 

As HR manager, you will work with the Board of Directors and Trustees, lead on bringing in talent to priority roles within the central charity – drawing both from existing EPAfrica alumni and beyond. 

HR Manager responsibilities include:

  • Engaging with senior leaders in the charity to identify recruitment priorities, design and deliver recruitment process to fill any identified vacancies 
  • Identifying the best routes to bring in new talent to EPAfrica and how best to take advantage of those channels
  • Lead on volunteer retention strategy, for example by supporting Directors on developing volunteer policy on issues such as volunteer conduct and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lead on our complaints policy and ensuring that EPAfrica is a safe and enjoyable experience for all volunteers
  • Lead on the development of our volunteer values and ways of working
  • Supporting other managers to improve the quality of their people management skills
  • Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion throughout recruitment processes and drive ED&I as part of internal HR policy, working closely with the lead Director and Trustee
  • Although the HR Manager is not primarily responsible for recruitment of summer volunteer Project Workers (which is led by the Recruitment and Training Directorate) but may support PW recruitment in an advisory capacity

Person specification:

This is a voluntary position and the majority of work is undertaken remotely (though there may be some in person meetings or events, covid-19 permitting). You would need to have reliable internet connectivity in order to undertake the role. The expected time commitment is approximately five hours a week, which is largely flexible but with some pre-arranged meetings (virtual or in person) including weekends and evenings.

This is a growth role, and ideal for someone looking to develop skills and build expertise towards a career in areas like HR, leadership, or people and change management, with a range of opportunities for coaching and mentorship. 

We are looking to recruit someone with the following skills and experience:

  • Very good written and verbal communications skills, with strong attention to detail 
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong people and interrelational skills; including interest in and insight into people, what makes them tick, what motivates them etc.
  • Strong people and interrelational skills; including interest in and insight into people, what makes them tick, what motivates them etc.
  • Ability to grip work and drive progress, delivering independently where needed as well as within a team
  • Ability to perform whilst working remotely
  • Interest in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, with a passion for the positive impact effective ED&I policies and actions can have on an organisation
  • Experience building a team or recruiting people into a team – this could be in a University or internship setting (desirable)

Reports to:

This role reports into the Chief Operating Officer, working closely with both the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees. 

About Jessica Fechner

Jess is a project coordinator in Kisii for summer 2019. She studied Spanish & German at The University of Oxford, and is now training to be a lawyer.