HR Manager

HR Manager

The HR manager is a key figure in realising EPAfrica’s UK mission to become the charity of choice for young people to experience international development work as well as ensuring that the manpower requirement of the charity is met. As such is responsible for central charity recruitment, formalise a UK programme and its assessment methods. This role is perfect for someone who has previously worked in a volunteer management role either within EPAfrica or another organisation. The position is a recent entry in our organisational chart and will have a lot of scope to define the role and its interactions with other committees.

Key Responsibilities

The role requires leading on recruitment campaigns, mainly through progression and deployment of people already or recently engaged in volunteering with EPAfrica, as well as supporting volunteers undertake their roles effectively. It will be the HR Manager’s responsibility to actively plan for this, coordinating mentoring schemes, skill training, organising the collection of resources and induction packs to ensure they are supported, motivated and have opportunities for personal development. As EPAfrica is currently recruiting individuals who are external to the charity, managing external advertising of our roles will be required.

Strategically, you will lead on developing a personal and professional development framework as well as systematizing a feedback process for central charity members and act upon it. You will be also following up new processes, including diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Part of the role is also to stimulate the organisation’s culture informally through socials. You will have the opportunity to work across committees and to get to know lots of people within the central charity.

You will be an active member of the Business Operations Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates to assist you in the delivery of your objectives.

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Work with the Board of Directors to assess the organisational needsAugustSeptember
Prepare the websiteAugustSeptember
Coordinate interview and appointmentsSeptemberOctober
Organise socials and monthly EPAfriPuball year
Develop a personal and professional framework/competency profilesall year
Work with the Communications Manager to coordinate internal communications, such as Jobs Bulletinsall year
Work with the Board of Directors to identify personal development and training needs of volunteers and facilitate internal and external training opportunitiesall year
Set up feedback process for central charity membersDecember and June
Provide material for annual reportJuneJuly
Ensure PWs are informed and encouraged to join the central charity once they have completed their summer in East AfricaAugustSeptember
Handover to new HR ManagerAugust/September


Core Skills
  • Strong desire to improve the volunteer management of EPAfrica
  • Proactive attitude
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with several other workstreams
  • Strong organisational skills
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of working in a volunteer management or HR role