Society Logistics Officer

University Society Logistics Officer

Logistics officers are in charge of ensuring that Project Workers fulfil the necessary pre-summer actions in terms of their documentation, and that it is all properly monitored. You will also work more broadly with the mentor group to ensure that Project Workers are aware of all relevant information, and fulfil all of the necessary pre-summer actions and requirements before their summer projects begin.

As well as reporting to the President, you will work within the Logistics and Delivery Committee, and attend their monthly committee meetings.

Role Description

The University Society Logistics Officer is responsible for supporting the delivery of PW training, collecting PW documentation and recording all the above onto the PW site. The Logistics officer is also responsible for the organisation of DBS checks and ensuring that we are registered as a university society. Working with the Logistics and Delivery Committee and IT Manager you will ensure that logstics information displayed to Project Workers through My Records is up to date.

Any member of the University Society committee is also expected to help out with recruitment, training and other general tasks, become a PW mentor, and to be involved in socials and events throughout the year.

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
PW recruitment – advertising, interviews and selection Sep 2017 Jan 2018
PW recruitment – Welcome Meeting Dec 2017 Jan 2018
Deposit collection Nov 2017 Jan 2018
Coordinate DBS checks Dec 2017 Feb 2018
Organise Health and First Aid training Jan 2018 Mar 2018
Ensure attendance at GOALs and skills training Jan 2018 Mar 2018
Document collection Dec 2017 June 2018
Pre-departure training June 2018 June 2018
Society registration Sept 2017 June 2018
Assist in sorting PWs into sites, pairs/trios and schools Dec 2017 May 2018
Give out school handover documents March 2018 May 2018
Ensure all documentation is ready for East Africa pre-summer team March 2018 June 2018


Core Skills ●    Organisation

●    Teamwork

●    Time management

●    Interpersonal skills

●    Communication skills

Desirable Skills ●    Relevant previous experience

●    Previous experience of training people/ running group meetings