Planning the Year Ahead – We’re All Ears!

The EPAfrica Launch Party was a fun celebration of amazing summer achievements, but let’s not forget it was also the culmination of a lot of activity taking place straight after the summer. At EPAfrica we put our volunteers at the very heart of what we do and we are always listening! Let’s find out how …

Feedback from the SummerTo capture feedback and new ideas, our Project Workers, Project Researchers and the Summer Team get together on a number of days to discuss what EPAfrica does well, and importantly the things that can be improved. Volunteers across our three sites have vastly different experiences, and the lessons drawn from these experiences can be eye-opening, even to those who have been involved in the central charity for years! The environment in which we work in East Africa is changing rapidly, and there is always scope to improve our work. Excitingly, this gives us a the chance to re-think our strategy year by year, and forces us to be flexible in our approach, both in East Africa and the UK. Feedback from this year’s Project Workers has resulted in us reforming our Programmes of Delivery (how we actually carry out our work!), an amazing thing to be driven by this year’s volunteers.

Workstream Lead Planning Day

Many new faces join the central charity every autumn – including new members of the Management Committee – a chance for new creative ideas to be brought into the charity! During a long day of planning before The Launch Party, the MC and new Workstream Leads sat down and discussed how to implement new initiatives and changes that should come out of the summer feedback. How can we adapt our training for Project Workers? How will we prepare the Coordinators for new challenges they will face? Should our investment strategy change? And how do we raise the money to support our partner schools further?

The MC is extremely lucky to have an incredible team of Workstream Leads and University Presidents to work with over the coming year. The enthusiasm that we felt at the planning day was infectious and we were impressed with how eager everybody was to get started. Make sure you stay in touch with us over the coming year and keep up to date with our progress and achievements. We would love to hear your ideas as well. We’re all ears.

Our 2013 / 2014 volunteer breakdown