QCOEF join forces with EPAfrica

Education Partnerships Africa were very excited to be one of three speakers at a charity formal in Clare College, Cambridge on Thursday 10th March. The event was hosted by QCOEF, the Queen’s and Clare Overseas Education Fund. This marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between QCOEF and EPAfrica, and has been kick-started with an amazing donation of £1,500 from QCOEF to EPAfrica’s 2016 central pot.

QCOEF is a Cambridge-based charity that works with international, grassroots charities involved with supporting educational development worldwide. Its main role is fundraising. It organizes multiple events in Cambridge colleges throughout the year, raising money for charities, such as EPAfrica, which are committed to increasing the quality and quantity of education available to children and young people across the world. Previous examples of QCOEF events include a dating game modelled on ITV’s Take Me Out, a fresher’s week pub quiz and an annual garden party held in Clare College. Follow the link to QCOEF’s Facebook page below to stay updated with their great work!

SEED Madagascar is another fantastic educational development charity that QCOEF are donating to this year, and one of their representatives spoke alongside EPAfrica’s Anna Spinks at OCOEF’s formal on Thursday. SEED is a locally based charity operating in southeast Madagascar. Just like EPAfrica, SEED works with local people to find sustainable solutions. Their approach is based on partnership, co-management and skill sharing by individuals, and is doing amazing work in helping to alleviate poverty through education and development.

QCOEF, SEED Madagascar and EPAfrica all share the same belief in the value of education to breaking down barriers to global equality. The money donated by QCOEF to EPAfrica will be used to fund water and electricity installation in our partner schools in East Africa, helping to boost students’ performance by improving health and extending the hours they are able to study at school into the evening.

Everyone in EPAfrica is thrilled at the opportunities a partnership with OCOEF offers to developing our work and spreading the message of the amazing work that is being down to improve education worldwide.

Use the Links below to find out more:

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