An update from St John’s Rutsya, Mbarara

Hello! I’m one of the Project Workers working at St. John’s Rutsya this year with Susanna and Bessie and thought I would share a few memories and experiences we’ve had so far.

St John’s Rutsya is a rural secondary school located in Kaberebere, near Mbarara town. Opening in the mid-1980s, it is now an established Catholic Secondary school, hosting both boarders and day students from Years “Senior 1” to “Senior 6”. Head Teacher William has been serving for thirteen years, with the improved library held as one of his biggest achievements during his time at Rutsya.


It wasn’t what we expected when we got there, the problems were not so clear and it was not just a case of filling in forms and collecting data. But, the positive side of this is that we needed to get to know staff and students in order to understand what the deal was!

We have definitely felt that the novelty of the experience and the demands of the work enable us to work together really well with each other, as well as the school, and allowed us to create really strong connections in the school. We’ve also been able to create friendships with some of the locals, especially our… enthusiastic… taxi driver called Nelson!

We’re not just here to work though, at the weekends we are able to go and experience Uganda and visit each other! Last weekend we got to visit Hollie and Rob (see hilarious facial expression to the left) who took us to some hot springs near Ishaka, which was amazing!



We were also able this weekend to get a hike in and see some amazing views of the area of Kaberebere where we are staying with the owner of our house, Joseph.


It’s still early days yet, but everyone seems to be settling in well and we now have all decided on what projects we are doing with the schools, the next month will certainly be interesting!

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