Summer Manager

Summer Manager

The Summer Manager is one of the most essential and dynamic positions within EPAfrica. As we look to consolidate our operations in Kenya and build our presence in Uganda, the delivery of a successful and professional summer project is becoming ever more important. The role demands a broad set of skills, but perhaps most crucially requires and nurtures project management skills and the ability to have oversight and control over many critical processes. The role’s main tasks involve liaising with people from across the charity to ensure summer project readiness, overseeing the recruitment and deployment of the summer team, creating and managing the summer budgets, coordinating and creating the summer plan, ensuring the necessary logistics are in place for the project, and contributing to the monitoring of in-country risk. This role would suit someone who is keen to develop a broad range of skills and who has a desire to be at the centre of the inner workings of the charity.

You will be an active member of the Logistics and Delivery Committee, and the role involves recruiting, nurturing and managing a team of volunteers and associates from the pool to assist you in the delivery of your objectives. You will work closely with the society logistics officers to coordinate the collection of materials from project workers and to book flights.

Organisational Development Activities

  • Confirm and embed the use of a replicable system that tracks the complex web of processes required to manage the summer
  • Futher develop and embed Summer Team ‘my records’
  • Develop the charity’s processes for monitoring and responding to in-country risk.
  • Explore more sustainable ways of finding and confirming the central houses.

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Monitor progress of other WSs where summer project readiness is contingent on their work.Throughout year
Oversee recruitment and deployment of summer team.Autumn 2017Spring 2018
Create pre-summer and summer plans for each site

(involving liaising across the charity to ensure relevant tasks are included).

Spring 2018
Create summer budgets for each site.Autumn 2017Spring 2018
Monitor in-country risk and feedback to relevant members of the charity.Throughout year
Ensure summer logistics are in place (including, for example, central houses. accommodation in capital cities).Autumn 2017Spring 2018
Ensure communications between different parts of the charity take place to achieve coherent summer readiness.Throughout year.
Prepare and oversee summer logistics in action (including, for example, that all groups travel to sites safely, that summer team has access to all relevant materials).Spring 2018Summer 2018


Core Skills
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills.
  • Excellent intrapersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • The ability to have both oversight and the understanding of the details of an issue.
  • Numerical skills, or the willingness to develop numerical skills.
  • Ability to delegate effectively.
  • Ability to assimilate information.
  • Experience of working in the summer team.
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of project management as a member of the summer team.