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“Girl Friendly Toilets”… a bog standard investment!

This summer in Mbarara, Uganda, I had the privilege of being the second half Project Manager. This role entailed quite a lot of running around town to sort out logistics for next year’s summer, as well as squeezing in those final few school visits we had planned. Hectic as it was, I knew it was coming. I’d even pre-planned a to-do list for it all. But something slightly unexpected for the Summer Team was a new pilot investment scheme to come our way. Something very girly indeed.

Spotlight on Central Pots: Water Projects at Eronge

At Eronge, Project Workers purchased, amongst other things, a new 5,000 litre water tank. This allowed an existing 2,300 litre tank to be transferred to the chemistry laboratory, meaning that the school is now the proud owner of a functioning lab complete with water, gas and furniture. The new tank will also have a huge impact on the male boarders, who will now have more time to study, as they won’t have to go to the river to collect water.