Society President

Society President

As President, you are the most senior member of EPAfrica within your region and the representative of the charity to Project Workers, the University and other societies. You lead the Society and its work, and have overall responsibility for ensuring that your team meets its objectives in PW recruitment, retention, fundraising, and logistics.

Role Description

You will organise and chair regular society meetings to engage and motivate your team, to ensure your team understands EPAfrica's broader strategy and processes and to plan, coordinate, adapt and deliver all the EPAfrica activity within your universities. You are the first port of call for volunteers elsewhere in EPAfrica needing support or information from your Society and you will represent your team as an active member of the Recruitment and Training Committee, liaising on practical issues but also developing our broader Project Worker recruitment, retention and training strategies. You will attend virtual Recruitment and Training Committee meetings once a month.

The university societies are vital in the preparation of the summer project and are jointly responsible for making sure each PW has received all training, handed in all documentation and reached the fundraising target. University societies will sort the PWs into their sites, pairs/trios and schools and organise their flights. As President, you will coordinate these shared deliverables across your committee.

To be successful you will use and develop your leadership, project management, delegation and communication skills to lead your committee team and make best use of the society pool and mentor group. You will manage the annual plan and budget for your society and will have many opportunities for personal development through the high level of responsibility of this role, and the many skills you will practice and develop. We believe this being successful in this voluntary role will support you in your career by providing tangible and meaty opportunities for you to evidence the skills and experience that employers are looking for as they appoint graduates.

Leading the Society

Fostering a community of EPAfrica volunteers within your region

Ensuring that volunteers within your team understand their responsibilities and feel recognised and valued

Managing and Deploying Resources

Chairing society meetings and balancing the workload across your team

Involving mentors and associates

Making EPAfrica better

Improving publicity within the university throughout the year by attending events and talks

Getting involved in charity-wide projects, an encouraging your team to do the same

Delivering the Annual Plan

Ensure that your team is aware of and delivers their activities on the annual plan

Keep volunteers in other areas up to date with your progress by maintaining trackers and liaising with Managers across the charity to ensure that activity is coordinated

Being an Ambassador for EPAfrica

Be the face of EPAfrica within the university and our key representative to applicants and PWs

Ensuring EPAfrica is registered as a society at the Universities we work in

Managing a Team

Coordinate the activities of your officers and make sure there is a coherent and punctual plan and keep volunteers motivated and informed

Manage communications with PWs to keep them engaged and aware

 The President is responsible for the leadership and management of the university society as well as the wider pool and mentor group.

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Person Specification

We are looking to recruit someone with the following skills and experience:


Experience of managing others, or demonstrable awareness of the considerations involved when managing a team.

Excellent communication skills in person and remotely

Evidence of strong organisational skills, particularly in terms of delivering projects and organising events.

The ability to balance priorities and deliver work under pressure.

The ability to foster collaboration and group working.

The ability to form strong working relationships, including with people external to the charity.

Demonstrable commitment to the charity and an understanding of the role of President as the leader of a group of volunteers.


Previous experience of running a university society

Previously an EPAfrica UC officer

Previous experience of training people/ running group meetings

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
PW recruitment - advertising Aug 2019 Jan 2020
PW recruitment - interviews and selection Nov 2019 Jan 2018
PW recruitment - Welcome Meeting Dec 2019 Jan 2020
Deposit collection Dec 2019 Jan 2020
Fundraising training Dec 2019 Jan 2020
Regular UC Meetings and Drinks Sept 2019 June 2020
Organise Health and Health Skills training Dec 2019 March 2020
Document collection Dec 2019 Mar 2020
Ensure attendance at GOALs training Feb 2020 Feb 2020
Ensure attendance at Skills training Feb 2020 March 2020
Pre-departure training June 2020 June 2020
Presidential handover Apr 2020 Aug 2020
PW support Dec 2019 June 2020
Events and socials Sept 2019 June 2020
Society registration May 2019 Sept 2019
Give out school handover documents March 2020 May 2020
PW reimbursements June 2020 June 2020