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Our volunteers are the heart and soul of EPAfrica. They're involved in every aspect of the organisation, from running our summer programmes to fundraising, communications, finance and training. There are heaps of opportunities available, both within East Africa and the UK. We aim to give our volunteers an opportunity to push themselves, take on real responsibility and experience grassroots international development and charity management at its best.

EPAfrica is proud to be volunteer run. We offer fantastic opportunities for personal development, through extensive training, our professional development programme and working closely with our knowledgeable partners

Volunteer in East Africa

Project Worker

Have the summer of a lifetime as a Project Worker with EPAfrica and experience grassroots development at its best. You'll spend ten weeks working with a rural East African secondary school, designing and delivering a tailored investment programme.

Investing in textbooks, installing water tanks, setting up health and careers initiatives, strengthening school organisation... our Project Workers have the flexibility to tailor our model to do what's best for their school. This is not a holiday. It's a challenge.

Summer Team

Are you interested in helping run one of our project sites? Did you enjoy your time as a Project Worker? Or perhaps you are an external candidate looking to gain firsthand project management experience? Why not become a part of our Summer Team.

The Summer Team supports our programmes out in East Africa ensuring that they run smoothly and have impact. A variety of roles are available, from Project Manager to Pre-Summer Team Coordinator. It provides the perfect opportunity to gain experience in people and project management within a development context.

Application deadline 15h April 2020.

Project Researcher

Help EPAfrica to improve the way that we work by undertaking a research project for us. Go to East Africa and meet rural communities, live with our other volunteers in an East African town, and develop your research skills in order to answer key questions for EPAfrica's future.

You can also do research from the UK over the course of the year to support our motivated research team. Explore the literature on education and East Africa and help us to develop our knowledge of the area.

Volunteer in the UK

From Communications, to IT, to Training, to Programmes, our Central Charity has every position going. The Committee structure ensures that no matter your involvement, whether as one of the University Officers, a Manager, or an Associate, you're directly tied in to everything going on in your committee. You'll have specific responsibilities, while staying in touch with other EPAfrica friends across the UK, learn skills while seeing other positions you could grow into in the future, and make a clear contribution to the success of the summer projects in every role. 


"Being Communications Manager for EPAfrica has been a great experience, although challenging at times! From working on the new website, newsletters and social media strategy, I have gained skills that will definitely help in my day job."

Emma Wadley
Communications Manager

Give Back

EPAfrica is volunteer-powered. The money we raise, investments projects we deliver and the impact on education in East African schools are a result of the efforts of our volunteer team.


Our volunteers care about education, development, East Africa and impact. Join our team to meet and work with driven and interesting individuals. Whether you're at uni or graduated ten years ago, you'll meet a range of people and form new friendships.

UK Volunteer Roles


EPAfrica is made up of four Committees and five University Societies (Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick, and two Societies in London). Each division is headed up by a member of our fantastic Board of Directors, who advise and direct the work of their committees. Manager and Officers hold responsibility over key deliverables. Associates complement our structure while working with more flexibility.

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Logistics and Delivery Committee

The Logistics and Delivery Committee oversees the East African side of our operations. It is responsible for the smooth running of the project during the summer, the nature of our project and how we deliver it, and ensuring the safety of our volunteers.

Recruitment and Training Committee

The Recruitment and Training Committee is all about getting the word out about how great it is to volunteer with Education Partnerships Africa, recruiting the most promising students from our pool of top UK universities, and giving them the preparation, training and support they need to deliver a brilliant summer project in East Africa that has the biggest possible impact for our partner schools.

Fundraising Committee

Investments require funds and the Fundraising Committee was founded in 2017 to allow us to grow and become more ambitious in the kinds of projects we undertake. The fundraising committee takes a leading role in developing new programme areas and securing the funds to deliver them.

Business Operations Committee

The Business Operations Committee (aka Business Ops) is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that keeps EPAfrica functioning efficiently. The smooth-running of our finances, HR, communications and IT enables and supports all our volunteers to use their time effectively to further our mission in the UK and in East Africa.

University Societies

Our University Societies are the heartbeat of EPAfrica, overseeing the recruitment, training and fundraising of our Project Workers. They’re based within our UK regional hubs: Warwick, Cambridge, Oxford and London. University Societies positions are usually filled by former Project Workers who are still enrolled at the respective universities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manage EPAfrica day to day and take a strategic overview of delivery, in line with the charity’s strategy. Each Director is the Chair of their own committee, and lead a team of managers, officers and associates. They are the interface between the Trustees, the CEO, and the charity’s operations, and will therefore be responsible for regularly reporting the operational activities of the charity to the Trustees, and taking a strategic overview of their delivery area.
These are challenging and demanding roles, but immensely rewarding, and a great opportunity for development.

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