The Business Operations Committee

The Business Ops Committee

About the committee

The Business Operations Committee (aka Business Ops) is the behind-the-scenes powerhouse that keeps EPAfrica functioning efficiently. The smooth-running of our finances, HR, communications and IT enables and supports all our volunteers to use their time effectively to further our mission in the UK and in East Africa.

Creating opportunites for young people in the UK

Owning and progressing EPAfrica's personal development framework, and supporting Committee's to recruit volunteers and utilise their associate pools effectively.

Robust and Transparent Finances

Producing EPAfrica's accounts, developing and overseeing robust processes and ensuring compliance with the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Organising and sharing info

Maintaining and developing IT facilities and volunteers' skills to enable us to mantain, utalise and grow our organisation knowledge.

Managing Policy and Projects

Championing project management best-practice across EPAfrica and acting as the custodian of policies such as Data Protection, Fundraising and Child Protection.

An opportunity for personal development

If you are interested in a specialist career in finance, project management, consultancy, HR, communications of ICT there are specific roles for you on this committee where you can develop your practice. Alternatively, if you are interested in progressing to a managerial, operational or leadership role in any organisation, volunteering on the Business Ops Committee will expose you to the key support areas found in any business, charity, social enterprise or public sector body and will enable you to develop skills and experience relevant to senior roles in all organisations. This is a great opportunity to develop these competencies early in your career.

Business Ops Roles

The Business Ops Committee will meet briefly (virtually) as a group once a month and is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer, also known as Director of Business Operations, who sits on the Board of Directors. The committee consists of Managers, Officers and Associates and will include members of the University Societies who have financial responsibilities. Managers and Officers have a defined portfolio of responsibilities that they lead and coordinate - and it is expected they may lead their own subcommittees (eg. finance) and/or attend relevant meetings of other committees (eg. HR and Comms to attend the Recruitment and Training committee during the PW recruitment period).

Chief Operating OfficerThe COO/Director of Business Operations

Unlike other areas, Business Operations is primarily an enabler to other EPAfrica delivery objectives; as such, the COO/Director of Business Operations would not need to have a detailed understanding of these different fields. Rather, they will need to be a good leader, empowering and enabling those within the committee to deliver to a high standard. >>Read more about the role>>

Managers and Officers

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Specialist skills and Business Ops Associates

In addition to the roles defined above we are always keen to hear from people with specialist skills and experience, who are willing to support the Committee on an ad hoc basis.

We are keen to hear from people who have or would like to develop the following skills....

Preparing Accounts

If you have experience in finance and accounting, could you help us to prepare our annual accounts and/or enhance our internal financial reporting?

Graphic Design

Can you create infographics, posters and flyers? We are always looking to develop exciting visuals to help us to communicate our work.

Website design and management

Our website is run on self-hosted WordPress. Do you have experience or would you like to learn to maintain a wordpress site?

Copywritting and Mailchimp

Can you help us send interesting and professional newsletters to our volunteers, partner schools, donors and alumni?

Social Media Management

Could you develop engaging content to help us to grow the reach and impact of our twitter, facebook and instagram platforms?

Database development

We track our partner schools and investment on the CRM database Salesforce. Could you help us to develop reports, dashboards and workflows?