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The Summer Team support our volunteers in East Africa offering pastoral care and ensuring that their projects run smoothly. As a member of the Summer Team your first priority is to make sure that our Project Workers stay safe and have an amazing summer. This role involves providing advice on project management as well as helping our volunteers settle into East African life. You may also get the chance to visit potential EPAfrica partner schools and conduct follow-up visits with our graduate schools. A variety of positions are available for next summer at each of our sites including: Pre-summer Team Coordinator, Project Coordinator, and Project Manager. Each of these roles offer the perfect opportunity to get leadership experience within a development context and are open to anyone who has previously worked with EPAfrica.

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"From logistics to relationship building, delivering training to crisis management, and negotiating and budgeting to time management and organisation, being part of the Summer Team was without a doubt more beneficial to my personal and professional development than any possible internship or summer job could have been."

Patrick Hearn, Project Manager 2014



Pre-summer generally runs between the second and the last week of June. We ask that our Summer Team members commit to a minimum of three weeks volunteering and attend all necessary training prior to departure.  The following training sessions are mandatory so please make a note and we will confirm the exact time and place closer to the date:

  • Summer Team Training (all Summer Team members): May
  • Crisis Management Training (all Summer Team members): May
  • PM Training (Project Managers only): May

Finally, the deadline for all roles this year is 15th April 2020. However, it is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible. We will then confirm the roles soon after the deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Jess Fechner.


Also note that while EPAfrica will pay for work-related costs, our Summer Team members are responsible for covering their own expenses including:

  • Flights: £500-600 (if you book early, flights may be cheaper)
  • Weekly rent: £35 per week (this may vary depending on the rates we receive)
  • Insurance: TBC dependent on cost of group booking
  • Visa: £30-50

EPAfrica will offer up to £500 to our Project Managers and £100 to members of the pre-summer team to reimburse flight costs. Meanwhile, please remember that you can fundraise to cover these costs and the charity will happily offer letters of support and references for grant applications.

Applications are currently open for all Summer Team roles.


What support will EPAfrica offer me besides help with fundraising?

The charity will organise multiple training sessions to both prepare you for the summer and give you a chance to meet everyone that you will work with in East Africa. Moreover, throughout the year EPAfrica arranges many socials where you can get to know those involved in our summer projects. During the summer a member of our Management Committee will act as a first point of contact in the UK for advice and support.

Am I going to be interviewed?

If your application is successful, we will invite you to either a face-to-face interview or a phone interview at a pre-arranged time. The interview will take approximately thirty minutes in which we will have a chat about what you feel you could bring to the Summer Team.

I have a friend who is keen to come to East Africa, can they be a coordinator?

Our summer team application process is designed to recruit internally so that it is people who have experience with EPAfrica and understand our organisation running the project. If your friend has a specific experience relevant to the project (e.g. spent 5 weeks working/volunteering in Ghana), please get in touch and we may encourage them to submit an application.

Can I take a holiday while on the Summer Team?

Of course! We do ask, though, that you take your holiday before or after working with us. We will try to allocate roles early so you can arrange your plans around work with EPAfrica. Please note that Project Manager roles are the least flexible.

Can I coordinate in more than one site?

This is possible if you volunteer for at least four weeks. If you want to work in more than one site please indicate this on the application form. We cannot guarantee this can happen as we need to maximise coordinator value. You could always combine visiting other sites with your holiday before or after working with us.

Can I do my own research while working with EPAfrica?

In order to facilitate high quality research, EPAfrica requires that the research it supports is carried out to a high ethical standard. Therefore any volunteer wishing to do undertake a research project that could be associatied with EPAfrica must obtain permission to do so beforehand by completing the ethical review process. This applies to project researchers, as well as to any other volunteers (coordinators, project managers, project workers) who wish to do any sort of research over the summer.

Are Kenya and Uganda safe?

EPAfrica works in areas of Kenya and Uganda that are safe. While all volunteers travel at their own risk, we constantly take advice on risk from multiple sources, including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, various media outlets and friends of the charity in East Africa. If our risk assessment changes during the course of the project, we have a comprehensive evacuation plan, and all summer Project Managers take part in crisis management training.

Although there are areas of Kenya and Uganda that the FCO advises against travelling to, these are a very long way from the sites EPAfrica works in.