18th July – Monday 25th July: Kirsty, Daphne and Calum

Due to circumstances beyond both Calum and Negin’s control, on the 12th of July 2016 Calum sadly, and officially, went from being half of a beautiful partnership to all of a lonely single. However, most fortunately for all concerned, this period of uncertainty was short-lived as Kirsty and Daphne emerged the undoubted winners of Calum’s rigorous selection process… both due to obvious logistical favourability and the clear distinct personality cohesion they were chosen to unite with him and become THE TRIO. Therefore, this most noble and gallant partnership and single, officially became one on Friday the 15th of July.


The early part of the following week was a meet and greet for the trio at their respective new schools: Calum getting to know Nyamuya, Kirsty and Daphne getting to know Riyabu. Now the trio had to spread their time over two schools it was important they integrated and got to know their “new” school as quickly as possible. Calum introduced Kirsty and Daphne to Riyabu on Monday, while they introduced him to Nyamuya on Tuesday. Both groups had very different but enlightening first impressions of the schools. Kirsty and Daphne were immediately struck by the natural beauty and peaceful setting of Riyabu, Calum by the obvious warmth and hands on approach taken by the Nyamuya Principal.

Towards the end of the week Daphne and Kirsty visited Seb and Richard’s (aka Richastian) school, Maroo Esinde. They assisted Richastian in their efforts to resolve sanitation and motivation issues at the school by speaking to the female students. Meanwhile, Calum was busy organising meetings with suppliers and getting quotes for a water project at Riyabu. Throughout the week, all three members of the new trio were really relishing the challenge of working in two schools, but also the opportunity to use experiences from one school to the benefit of the other.

As the week drew to a close, the trio began preparing for a long weekend with the rest of the Kenya Project Worker’s (PW’s) in Kakamega rainforest. The Kisii group hopped on a matatu and enjoyed some soulful sing-alongs (shout out to Jordan and his majestic rendering of 90’s pop bangers!). After several tiring hours of bad roads and Kenyan driving, which was supplemented by some great catches in Pokemon Go by Calum, as we journeyed through unchartered territories, the group enjoyed some respite in the form of a mouth watering Chinese meal in Kisumu. Phyllis enlightened us all by ordering ice cream with her sweet and sour chicken.

Peter lifted group spirits even further with his ambitious crossword solving lessons (who knew cryptic clues were so hard) as they courageously continued on their way to Kakamega. Finally they arrived and were happy to be reunited with the Kakamega PW’s for a much needed and deserved night out on the Kakamega town (shout out to Sabina for dancing that was as equally majestic as Jordan’s singing!).


The next morning saw the group travel to the rainforest. They went on a very wet and cold walk, learning a lot about the flora and fauna, which was followed by a cosy campfire. The Kisii boys’ night was a lot more exciting and exhausting than expected, as swarms of biting ants invaded their sleeping bags. In spite of this, thanks to Seb’s roaring morale, they were in great spirits the next morning as the group walked up a nearby mountain in the dark to watch the sunrise over the forest together. For many of us, this was a relaxing highlight of the trip.

Soon after, the Kisii group said some emotional goodbyes to both the Kakamega group, and to their Kisii Summer Team co-ordinators Ed and Lis. Ed’s impeccable time keeping skills and Lis’s spontaneous one-liners will be missed!

On arriving back to Kisii, the group looked forward to celebrating Daphne’s birthday on Monday. The day itself was very relaxed and Batman marathons helped with recuperation from the busy weekend, followed by a truly fabulous curry courtesy of Elisa despite a sixteen-hour power cut. Seb’s DJ and bartending skills made the evening increasingly atmospheric as the birthday girl drank Pina Colada from a coconut under the stars.

Overall, this week has laid the foundations for what is sure to be a sustainable trioship and life long friendship for THE TRIO.

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