Give gifts, change lives

We’ve all been there. Trawling through at 1am, looking for that perfect present. Is that teddy bear lamp too kitsch? Are moustaches still cool, or was that last Christmas? Is it possible to give a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver ironically?This year, Education Partnerships Africa is pleased to announce the launch of Give Gifts, Change Lives – a new approach to charity at Christmas. Here’s how it works:

  1. You pick a project that you are excited about
  2. You donate to that project by CLICKING HERE 
  3. You email with the amount you have donated and the project you want it to go to
  4. Schools, communities and children benefit from your generosity

With three exciting new projects in the pipeline for next year, your contribution will make a huge difference to how much we can help. Leave the stresses of Christmas past behind you.

Our projects:

  • Power on – Investing in electricity
  • Pure water – Using nature, better
  • Body and mind – Healthy bodies, healthy minds

The projects

You can choose to donate to just one project, or you can give an unrestricted donation.

Power on

Being connected to electricity is a crucial step in the development of a school. The benefits are manifold. Students have a place they can work in the morning or evening increasing study time and therefore improving grades. Getting electricity is the first step towards obtaining computers- an enormous resource for the school that brings huge academic and financial benefits. But possibly the biggest impact electricity can have is to raise the status of the school in the eyes of the community. Electricity is the sign of a flourishing school; one in which both students and teachers can be proud. Light up someone’s life this Christmas.

£48 is enough to connect a classroom to electricity

Pure water

Every day, students at Nyaburmbasi are sent to the river to collect water for the school to use for cleaning, cooking and drinking. It takes over an hour for the students to complete the round trip and often this has to be done during lesson time. It’s not like there’s a shortage of water generally. Everyday, the rains pour down for an hour or two. If the school had just one more water tank, headmaster Peter Onyando says, ‘we would not need any extra water each day.’ And it gets better – having partnered with Aqua Pura, EPAfrica can now ensure that schools have a safe, clean and sufficient water supply.

£27 will provide a school with clean and safe water for ten years

Body and Soul

A healthy body means a healthy mind. And a healthy mind means a young person who can concentrate, learn and succeed. Too often, children miss school because of preventable or easily treatable illnesses. Girls are hit especially hard; with limited access to hygienic sanitary products, they are often forced to take time off school. Schools are often unable or unwilling to confront these issues, especially given the sensitive nature of topics such as HIV/AIDs and menstruation in African culture. Our Project Workers use the resources from this pot to start sustainable sanitary pad schemes, build student knowledge and equip schools with the skills they need to support their students’ well-being over the long term. We aim to ensure that every student can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

£11 can kick start a sustainable sanitary pad scheme.