PW’s blog gets over 12,000 hits in Italy!

My name is Anna Sciortino and I have been a PW with KEP over summer 2011 at Eronge SDA Secondary School, near Kisii, with my project partner Chain. Over summer, I kept a blog, which I updated every time I returned to Kisii during the week-ends. I am Italian and most of my sponsors were Italians, so I did not keep my blog in English (and I have not translated it yet)– still, you can see it here . I simply sent my friends and family a link to it before I left, and then the word somewhat spread, and up to 800 people read each post.

Once I got back to Europe, I was contacted by a local newspaper from my city (Viterbo) who asked me to publish my blog in 5 different episodes to tell about my Kenyan adventures. And so I edited and re-adjusted the blog, and very recently these 5 episodes were published on you can give a look at the articles here (although it is all obviously in Italian, still). My contact at the newspaper told me the blog was actually were successful, with over 12 thousand people reading each episode, which made them the most read articles of the week after publication. I was obviously very pleased so many people took an interest in my story, and we are currently looking at ways to raise more funds for our schools via this avenue.

I would definitely encourage every PW who is off to Kenya this summer to keep a blog about their experience- it is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, to give regular updates to your sponsors, and re-reading it once back home will make you laugh to tears and get so nostalgic it hurts (but it is definitely worth it), not to mention the fact that it might be a useful experience for all the budding writers/bloggers/journalists among you. Also remember to include a link at the bottom of your blog to the central KEP fundraising page so any generous readers are able to easy donate to the charity!

So… get keen! And happy writing!