What’s cooking Wednesday in Kakamega

Following on from Ben’s post on Ugandan food in Mbarara I thought I would continue this conversation and look at the meals that the project workers in Kakamega have been eating. Since arriving in Kenya nearly four weeks ago I have found many volunteers commenting on the differences between what they consume in the U.K. and here in Kakamega. However, I think everybody here has adjusted well to this cultural difference. Last Wednesday I thought I would check in on the project workers and see what they had been making.

Karolina and Daniella at Namagara Secondary School made everyone at the Central House jealous with this photo of mandazi. Mandazi are East African doughnuts and commonly served at 11am with sweet chai.

Meanwhile, Alex and Kezia showed off the feast that their school had put on for them which included a matoke, or plantain, stew; rice; chapatti; ugali, a maize-based Kenyan staple; and some beef. One of my favourite parts of working in Kenya has been tasting the variety of foods that the local community eats. From what I hear Alex and Kezia agree!

In Ematiha Rosie and Robbie had lunch at the school who served them beans, rice and avocado. From my experience of working with EPAfrica this is a relatively common meal to share with teachers in the staff room with many schools growing their own beans and avocadoes!

FullSizeRender (9)

Hayden and Bella at St Elizabeth Bumia visited a member of the school’s Board of Management who cooked chicken, rice and vegetables for them.


In Ejinja Caroline and Lydia hosted a dinner party for their teachers and those that lived in their compound. They made an impressive meal for their guests on just a gas stove that included an aubergine, potato and carrot curry; spaghetti; chapattis; peas; and a tomato/red pepper sauce.


Finally, in Central House Tom and I have been conducting numerous experiments with cooking but nothing we have made yet has surpassed what the PWs produced on our Mexican night!


Could you do better?

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