Director of Training and Recruitment

Director of Recruitment and Training

The Director of Recruitment and Training champions the planning, coordination and implementation of EPAfrica's annual Project Worker recruitment and training cycle. You will have a direct impact on how the charity markets itself to new volunteers, and how we prepare them to make an impact with the charity in East Africa. As Director of Recruitment and Training, you will also take up a charity-wide leadership role on the Board of Directors.

Please note that this is a voluntary position

Application deadline: 15th of April

Role Description

Active member of the Board of Directors

The Director of Recruitment and Training sits in EPAfrica's Board of Directors, who lead and manage the charity’s operations day to day. Director roles are some of the most challenging and rewarding in the charity, the are a fantastic opportunity to leave your mark on the organisation.

As a member of the Board of Directors your primary responsibility is to take a strategic overview of EPAfrica delivery, in line with the charity’s strategy. You will have a team of managers within your purview whose delivery against charity objectives you will need to set, monitor, and support, in part through regular Committee meetings.

The Role of Directors withing EPAfrica

The Board of Directors collectively share a number of responsibilities

Chair of the Recruitment and Training Committee

Each Director chairs a committee, made up of Managers, Officers and Associates. A number of your Managers will be EPAfrica’s University Society Presidents, as they are primarily responsible for delivering your Committee’s objectives. In 2017, we redesigned EPAfrica's structure around 4 Committees in order to empower teams of volunteers as decision makers and to enable collective ownership of delivery responsibilities, allowing for more flexible and rewarding volunteer opportunities. The purpose of the new committee structure is to enable more collaborative working between volunteers working in related areas, to enable closer working between members of university societies and other volunteers, and to allow a greater degree of ownership, autonomy and responsibility to be given to teams of volunteers.

As Directors of Recruitment and Training, you will be responsible for shaping and leading the Recruitment and Training Committee and using this to help deliver our outcomes.  This Committee meets once a month. >>Read more about the Recruitment and Training>>



Recruitment and Training Committee members (who you would manage)

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You would also be responsible for managing Recruitment and Training Associates and utilising the Recruitment and Training Committee Pool to delivery activities.

Portfolio of Responsibilities

Leading the Project Worker recruitment cycle

Delivering high-quality recruitment campaigns across EPAfrica’s UK sites in order to reach the charity’s strategic ambition of 72 Project Workers per year in 2020.

Overseeing the delivery of Project Worker training

Excellent, comprehensive training is the key for robustly preparing Project Workers for the delivery of high-quality projects in East Africa in line with the charity’s strategic objectives.



Before applying for this role, please ensure that you have reviewed the Board of Directors overview, and the Recruitment and Training Committee page.

Person Specification

We are looking to recruit someone with the following skills and experience:


Experience of managing others, or demonstrable awareness of the considerations involved when managing a team.

Excellent communication skills.

Excellent presentation skills.

The ability to think strategically, and to lead others in doing so.

Evidence of strong organisational skills, particularly in terms of delivering projects and organising events.

The ability to balance priorities and deliver work under pressure.

The ability to foster collaboration and group working.

The ability to form strong working relationships, including with people external to the charity.


Experience of delivering Project Worker training

Experience of recruitment

Teaching experience