The Recruitment and Training Committee

The Recruitment and Training Committee

About the committee

The Training and Recruitment Committee is all about getting the word out about how great it is to volunteer with Education Partnerships Africa, recruiting the most promising students from our pool of top UK universities, and giving them the preparation, training and support they need to deliver a brilliant summer project in East Africa that has the biggest possible impact for our partner schools.

Recruitment & Retention

Working closely with Presidents at our UK universities to make sure they are equipped and supported to deliver excellent recruitment campaigns, bring in large numbers of bright and motivated PWs, and make sure that new PWs’ onboarding process is slick, engaging and on-time.

Training Design

You will work closely with the Logistics and Delivery committee to oversee and develop high-quality training for our new Project Workers. You will make sure this training is engaging, dynamic, and responsive to changes in EPAfrica’s model and other elements of our approach.

Training Delivery

You will work closely with the other members of this committee, the Logistics and Delivery committee, and the Training Associates to prepare for, plan, book, and deliver exceptional training to prepare our new Project Workers for their time in East Africa.

An opportunity for personal development

We are the face of EPAfrica: as such, you will need to be personable, flexible, responsive, and good at working with and delivering through others – and the quality of what we do is paramount, because we are often responsible for the first engagement people have with the charity, and that usually leaves a lasting impression. You will not achieve anything in this committee on your own: you will need to draw on a wide range of skills, knowledge and resource from across both this committee and the wider charity. But this is enormously rewarding, and our work on recruitment and training is appreciated across the charity: because it’s highly visible, often fun, and of course hugely important.

Recruitment and Training Roles

Roles on this committee are fast-paced, demanding, and hugely engaging. For the majority of what new PWs experience before they actually land in East Africa: we make it happen. That is a challenge, and of course an enormous responsibility. We need to get the right people into the charity and support through the challenges they will inevitably face, minimising drop-outs; and we need to prepare those people to have a real impact in East Africa. But this is also a really exciting place to work, as you can really see how a student who perhaps expresses interest at a freshers’ fair, or comes along to an intro talk, turns into a confident, capable Project Worker who makes amazing things happen in our partner schools.

Managers and Officers

Join the Recruitment and Training Committee


Become a Recruitment and Training Associate

In addition to the roles defined above you can also join the Recruitment and Training Committee’s ‘Pool’ as a Fundraising Associate. As an Associate, you will volunteer flexibly throughout the year, committing to a variety of activities in the short-term on an ad-hoc basis. Associates attend monthly committee meetings, and volunteer for specific task as their availability allows. This model enables the Recruitment and Training Committee to deploy volunteers responsively to grab opportunities and quickly address any emerging issues or risks.

The Committee will delegate self-contained projects to the pool, such as the delivery  of a specific training session, but you will also find yourself supporting Managers and Officers at key points in the year when the delivery of their responsibilities require all hands on deck – for example during Project Worker interviews. Lastly, sometimes more heads on a problem means a better result and each Committee has a number of sub-working groups addressing those more complex area, which you can also join. For example – developing a training syllabus.

If you join the recruitment and training pool as an associate you could be working on….

University Campaigns

Support our university teams to help get the message out about EPAfrica and get new PWs involved

Training Design

Help us build innovative, engaging and effective training to prepare our volunteers to make a real impact in East Africa

Training Delivery

EPAfrica alumni old and new can deliver training, whether on what life is like in East Africa to more specialist medical briefings.