Training Design Manager

Training Design Manager

See also Training Delivery Manager

The Training Design Manager oversees the overarching structure of EPAfrica’s training programme for Project Workers, Summers Team and UK Volunteers. In addition to managing the development of the objectives, agenda and resources for individual training sessions, you manage the ‘big picture’ view of the skills and knowledge we want volunteers to acquire in the course of, and in preparation for, volunteering with us. You will oversee the design and development a sequence of complimentary of opportunities for volunteers to be upskilled and learn through attending training sessions, accessing training materials and being supported to volunteer. We are always working to improve our training and we are keen to explore opportunities to improve how we deliver training, for example, utilising pre-session work more; and to ensure that our training challenges PWs and Summer Team members to be informed and thoughtful in all the situations they can encounter in East Africa.

You will be an active member of the Recruitment and Training Committee, and the role involves building and managing a team of volunteers and associates to develop and design learning materials, agendas and activities. This team will update the PW and Summer Team training sites, coordinate the update of training slides for university-based sessions, and prepare the in-country Training Week sessions and mid-summer workshops.

You will be a champion of training best practice, working with the with the Training Delivery Manager to deliver ‘Train the Trainer’ – where your focus is to build capacity within EPAfrica to design engaging sessions, activities and materials.

Over the course of the year, every individual who volunteers with EPAfrica, including PWs, PRs, the Summer Team, PMs and most of the central charity will follow a learning pathway that you have been instrumental in designing. Working in the Recruitment and Training Committee will give you fantastic oversight of how the charity functions and as the Training Design Manager you will have the opportunity to positively influence the preparation of our volunteers for the summer project; indeed the success of the project is often built on the experience and learning gained through the training programmes.

Core responsibilities:

  • Attend and actively participate in Recruitment and Training Committee meetings, and create and manage opportunities for the committee’s associates to get involved in designing training
  • Provide University Societies and Summer Team members and the Training Delivery Manager/Team with the resources and materials to delivery high-quality training sessions – both in universities, centraly and in East Africa
  • Maintain and enhance the Goals, Skills and Summer Team Google sites, Crisis Management Training and Train the Trainer Materials
  • Own the overall training ‘programme’ and the learning pathways through it


  • Nurture and inspire a team of officers, mentors and associates who are deployed to develop and update training materials
  • Ensure that PWs, Summer Team and UK volunteers have access to the training resources and opportunities that they need to be successful in their roles
  • Drive forward a training programme that encourages best practice and deep enjoyment of EPAfrica on behalf of all volunteers

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Manage the update of all PW training material;

  • Skills and Goals Training Sites
  • Skills and Goals Training Slides
October 2018December 2018
Work with UC Presidents and training associates to design the agenda and materials for University Training Sessions

  • Welcome Training (Dec)
  • Fundraising Training (Dec-Jan)
  • Health Training (Mar-Apr)
  • Pre Departure Training (June)
 November 2018 June 2019
Work with the Summer Manager to design the in-country training syllabus, including First Week Training and Orientation, Second Week Workshop and Mid-Project Meeting.
 Feb 2019 June 201
Design the Train the Trainer session (Nov) to upskill those developing training materials October 2018 Novembr 2018
Work with the Summer Manager to manage the update of the Summer Team Handbook and training materials.December 2018February 2019
Work across the charity to ensure the Summer Team Training (May) reflects all recent developments, and equips the team to prepare for the summer ahead. March 2019May 2019
Work with the Summer Manager to design PM and Crisis Management training which suitably equip the PMs for the summer ahead.April 2019June 2019


Core Skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Good written presentation skills
  • Basic IT skills e.g. familiar with Microsoft Office (training with Google Sites can be provided)
  • Management and coordination of a team
  • Awareness of (or willingness to learn about) training design  and stucture
Desirable Skills
  • To have previously contributed to the development of training materials
  • To have attended the Train the Trainer session run by EPAfrica
  • To have knowledge of current development best practice
  • To have knowledge of current pedagogical best practice
  • Editorial experience
  • Management experience