Society Training and Retention Officer

Training and Retention Officer

Role Description

There are two phases to this role. As with everyone else in your University Society, initially, your focus will be on raising the profile of EPAfrica in your university, and driving high levels of Project Worker applications. Once the recruitment period is over, you will then focus on initiatives to drive strong Project Worker retention rates, by working to ensure that they feel well included within EPAfrica before their summer projects begin. You’ll also manage the booking of training venues for university-run trainings, and ensure Project Workers know when and where to go.

As well as reporting to the President, you will work closely with the Recruitment and Retention Manager, and attend the monthly committee meetings of the Recruitment and Training Committee.

As a member of the University Society you will also get involved in the Society’s many activities. The Retention Officer arranges society socials!

Annual Activities

Project Estimated Start Month Estimated End Month
Support PW recruitment – advertising Sept Jan
Support PW recruitment – interviews and selection Nov Jan
Arrange PW recruitment – Welcome Meeting Dec Jan
Arrange PW recruitment – Fundraising Training Dec Jan
Lead PW retention support Dec June
Arrange PW Health Training Jan April
Run charity socials Sept June
Arrange PW Pre-Departure Training May June


Core Skills ●    Strong organisational skills

●    Communication skills

●    Interpersonal skills

●    Time management

Desirable Skills ●   Previous experience of organising events

●   Editing skills in software such as Adobe