Data Administration Manager

Data Administration Manager

Role Description

The Data Administration Manager tole, Admin Manager for short, is perfect for someone who has or has not worked in the central charity before and would like gain a better understanding of how the charity is structured and interact with all the committees. The role requires working with the Information and Governance Manager and our Society Vice-President to manage all our “people data” – be it on Google Drive, the database Salesforce, or our online mailing list tool MailChimp. You will also be an administrator of our new internal social media platform, Workplace. Your task will include managing all our mailing lists, coordinating any upgrades to the ‘Contacts’ section and making sure the charity are using Google Drive correctly.

You will also have the opportunity to work with the Business Operations Committee on exciting new knowledge management and IT initiatives. There will be opportunities to get involved in setting up sophisticated tools and gadgets, such as Awesome Tables, WordPress and Google sites.

Annual Activities

ProjectEstimated Start MonthEstimated End Month
Ensure Google Drive and Database access rights are updated with new central charity membersSeptember 2017October 2017
Set up mailboxes and mailing lists for the year (on Google Drive) and provide trouble shooting throughout the yearSeptember 2017October 2016
Liaise with Communications to ensure Mailchimp Mailing Lists are consistent with databaseSeptember 2017November 2016
Ensure Google Drive folders are properly managed. Meet with every committee over the year to coordinate a ‘clean up’ of their folders.October 2017September 2016
Oversee ‘Contacts’ section of the database, cleaning data and coordinating any improvements suggested to this.October 2017September 2016
Handover to new Data Administration ManagerSeptember 2016October 2016


Core Skills
  • Strong desire to improve the data collection and data management in EPAfrica
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with several other workstreams
  • Strong organisational skills
Desirable Skills
  • Experience of working with Google Drive
  • Working knowledge of Googlesheet or Excel